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There today not eighteen years ago like y'all motherfuckers this is fresh for me. Do People. Most happy Madison movies you know when they're at their worst. In this happy, Happy Madison movie. Now, before we got to the trail I said, there's one the worst ones that probably be worth one that I've seen and we've seen a lot of them and happy Madison at their worst. They don't even tell stories they just they they take a trip enabling premise and they just build a bunch of stereotypes bathroom humor. Characters that just make. For Easy Laugh. But because this is one of the kid friendly movies. Because of that, they get more of all that solution than you do in any of the others sure they can. They can go. They can get a lot more stupid because you know at least. You'll be surprised at how even doing some of the worst adult humor will like bring it up a little bit. Sometimes, but this right here. You. Know this is. This doubles this double double d it doubles down everything that's bad and all these other movies and he's happy. Madison movies. It's like talking down to kids and just making funny faces in noises you throw in some parts. You know. For Kids will love it. All we gotTA eulogised collect the money after this. I will say there's a Santa, they only go on vacations when Standards Star in the movie. Yeah. When he's when he when he uses friends and movie, it's the bottom of the barrel scripted. and Go to some cheap asset, but they only get early and all this year when he's he's in it. Yes. He got his all he yeah, he. got. His all rat pack. Got On Shit They go to studio city when it's somebody else. That's true. GROWNUPS was just in the woods by Creek. They didn't do shit. Yeah they went camping. Should I guess I I guess they bought cruise tickets too late and couldn't Cook them noises like, yeah I can't put. I. Can't pay for a vacation for all. I'll buy some later on now. Yeah. Maybe that's when they all haven't problems. They had to go to the woods and talk all this. Brain, the camera makes money while we out there FAMO- workshop. But. You know this looks like it could have been fun in the beginning when I saw this. So when I first saw it Starts out bad it it did. But I thought all right. You know what? This this could probably be something they they start out with the you know this could be something with Josh not, Josh James Brolin, which what the Fuck James Brolin. Datum Salem mid somehow some kind of way he goes he was getting people always getting out of the Senate. You know. Yeah. But he so he got James Brolin a ban on dead up in here. And you know you think like him and Dana Carvey they're going to spend the movie maybe Dress up all kind of costumes where they introduce all these these characters. You, know where they have you know they do a bunch of celebrity can cameos with them so they're going to dress up like a bunch of celebrities that we know. It'll be fun to see them come in and do their thing. So because at the beginning of it they introduced. The introduce. Their Bo Derek who is really a James Brolin and I thought all right. You know what? That's a that's a funny gag Bo Derek being the. The seventies sexy celebrity that was infamous for the corn. Rose. To do that and you know what? In the beginning is worth a little giggle because I didn't know what was in for. The mistake I've woman is not both. Derek. was. Close. From.

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