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And wes this and they had an excellent fourth quarter and defense but this is a bad coverage about his freeman gets all by himself in the flat and takes it thirty nine yards to midfield in the first play the game and once again you start i feel like alright this is the falcons game so even at this point after that play you feel like this is probably atlanta's that still commanding devonta freeman like you said wide open it was among the most wide open plays you'll see in the super bowl goes thirty nine yards and they're they're already back in scoring range in one play and in this this is the play logan ryan said in the press conference after the game he he said there essentially play in the madden coverage like when you're on punt block that they're gon na wow that that logan ryan stake in one guy malcolm butler sake another that doubling you know that they're put in those guys on an island they change their coverage up they went to matt patricia asked for them to change and they're trying to get aggressive so it's kind of a boom or bust strategy that they're playing at the end of the game and obviously the stepped up with that alright so then they have me a short run for two yards and then again this is another situation you and it's a list when it looks like the falcons have made the play to win the super bowl and the patriots will get close but no closer matt ryan drops back and drops a beautiful pass just over the outstretched stretch arms of a defender into the hands of julio jah julien julio jones guys it's to twenty five in the morning who totes hats on the sideline and twenty seven yard gain which means is now first in ten at the new england twenty two with four forty to play in an eight point lead this game is all but over about that julio.

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