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Stephen Cole bear on CBS last night in one conversation undermined our national security by withholding military assistance to a country that had been voted on by the Congress of the United States to the benefit of the rush meantime former White House aide Tim Morrison yesterday telling members of Congress I want to be clear I was not concerned that anything illegal was discussed when talking about the president's phone call with president of Ukraine and it's a Wednesday Morrison was a top national security official on Russian relations and Ukraine it's now nine await on WBZ it's time for business live to Bloomberg where we joined Andro day Jim it wasn't super but it was better than expected labor department says U. S. employers added a net one hundred twenty eight thousand jobs in October economist for the most part were predicting a reading below one hundred KA of equal consequence reading of September job creation was revised from a gain of one hundred thirty six thousand jobs to one hundred eighty thousand that month unemployment came in at three point six percent as forecast following that a mix a muted thumbs up from Wall Street as a future right now gaining thirteen points closer look at the jobs report shows that despite a higher quantity of jobs or might not be a lot more quality average hourly earnings increased a lesson forecast point two percent month to month and day Bloomberg business on WBZ Boston's news radio I and it's nine oh nine on WBZ well checks sports on the way next what would it take for you to get a tattoo you didn't want a million dollars how about a million socks I'm Randy.

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