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You at an organization like they ody's but at a start up it's like everybody does everything you're everywhere all the time were there any. Carry over skills develop from the coyotes that really assisted you in this new venture. And where you just kind of blind and figuring things out as you went you know with the skills I learned the kind of most Mir starting to work in sports where I spent a summer. With the Calgary cannons play played baseball affiliate for the Pittsburgh Pirates and. That was interesting. Because that was you know I tell people minor league baseball like the best place to start. That's where I I started because it protease but that is you have to do everything like literally everything has I was doing. Pr For them. And I'd have to go through stats and then I'd have go t shirts during the game and then after I remember I had to go. It was after the game and the GM said the one of the players. There's got sent down. You gotta go to the airport and pick them up. You threw me as key Swiss cars. Can you go pick him up and his girlfriend's GonNa take her to so I take this His this girlfriend who didn't speak any English and he was finding from the Dominican Republic or somewhere and picked him up. And then you know I'm driving driving back tonight. The clubhouse would die the player in the back seat. I'm just saying Oh boy hero and it was The funny thing is this player. Turn out to be a a a really well known player and And I was just thinking this young kid who I picked up at the airport in Calgary. You probably had no idea what he was doing going to play baseball in Canada to everything there is I was. I was one time I had to run. The the strike and ball count on the scoreboard knows my only job. Just if the strike you put a striking. It's all I had to do and I made I I. I messed that thing up so many times the empire would make a signal that it'd be. I think it was probably little outside. I put a ball and I was up in the press. Box Blind the dugout or behind the plate and the umpire would just turn around and look at me and shake his hand. Nobody groups and it was a learning on the fly. And that's kind of what what I've done with working sports tell people I feel like I've got an NBA. Working at work in sports is learning that go and those people who doubt the value an NBA. It's probably would be one of the most valuable degrees you can get. We talk about an often about how the sports is just another a really big business and that almost every facet of industry is going to be driven by revenue and brings us for business principles and sales and macroeconomics. And all of those things that go into you know developing.

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