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Came in, and, you know, decided to have to go with everything different after that was a bad idea. But go away from, you know the offensive lineman that Mexican we're getting and everything else, but that's a long that would be a long explanation of going into it all. Uh, did you get them a Holmes? Cut? You know the barbershop. Where'd you go a different direction. Young kids. Well, you know what I did not go with that. I was actually taking my elderly uncle in so that he could get his cut. And while there, um, you know, the guys were there and and As as these conversations are coming up, and we're talking about recruiting one of the coaches, um, coach over at Bellville High School, which is a hop skip and a jump from from in Harbor. And We're talking like, how does an Arbor How does University Michigan miss out on a kid? A D linemen that's literally in our backyard. He decides to go to Obama. Are we missing out on so many good recruits are going to other big 10 schools or SEC schools, and we have the same kids in our backyard. And they're they're opting out. How does that happen? Because we think grass is greener somebody else's yard. But is it not? Isn't headed not shown to be greener. That's my issue. When you look at the state of Ohio And the amount of overall football talent that they have coming out of high school. None of these kids are in any rush to leave home all of these kids, and I think that's another. Feather in the head of the team from down South is they have their pick of the cream of the crop. Whereas When you're looking at the state of Michigan, who is recruiting the state of Michigan? How hard are we recruiting to keep our home grown kids here? How many former players have college age kids now? That are not going to Michigan. That to me is a travesty. It's a very good question. I wanted to ask you like just looking at the offensive line from this year, and you know you have a bonus year, so we don't exactly know who's coming in. Who's going. I know that Guy that it's a little perplexing without knowing what happened. Behind the scenes. Redshirt freshman got a chance to start his first game at center at Rutgers. Now you know he's bouncing. He's transferring He would have, you know 34 more years if he wanted to play center, So that was weird. I think in jail in Mayfield's going Pro so that that doesn't leave a lot of experience. Thomas is my point that I'm getting to. What would you think the best case scenario would be with the Michigan offensive line yet? You had a lot of different guys getting some chance that some reps this year season didn't go well, but you did. If, if you're looking, I don't know if that's a silver lining. See in a guy like a true freshman and Zach's Enter, Get in there. And But But what would be the the best case scenario? Even you know, knowing the youth and experience of this old line just looking forward. I think the best case scenarios this is is more of ah psychological aspect of things I think and one of things we've been saying since this particular Um Coaching staff, as has been in place you need to start Relying upon the past players that you have within a hour radius to come in and start trying to mentor some of these kids. And As in. I'm like you got John Jansen. Right there in the building, or, you know, doing something with Michigan football. You want to bring a guy like that? And I'm sure ride pain with life here in a minute. If he had an opportunity to sit down for a couple of days and hang out, hang out with these young guys. I'm here You have a plethora of individuals that have won championships been in the hot, understand what it means to play offense of life at the University of Michigan. And I'm just saying, at least to my knowledge. There has not been any reaching out to tap on the experience. Um, that former players bring to the table. I think right now with the young offensive line, the biggest thing that I would love to push forward to these guys is working together. And understanding and cultivating that offensive line mindset of what it means to be a player here. Tyne University of Michigan at that particular position. Understanding that If we're making mistakes for making mistakes and 100 miles an hour, but also understanding to that My allegiance is not to the coach and is not to the offense. It's to my line, mate. That is your first and most important allegiance is to the guy playing to the to the right and left of you. As I said before, many time on this show, I wasn't scared of less. I wasn't scared of Mike the border. Bobby Morrison. I wasn't scared of Lloyd and I wasn't scared of Mo. I was scared of Ron. Ron. I was scared of John and Damon and sack Adami and all the guys that are played around because those were the guys that were helping me form that chain and no Had no point time that I ever want to be the weakest link within that chain. And as long as you can come in with that level of mentality and everybody all your linemates on that same page You can pretty much do what you need to do. Now from a physical aspect of things. I would like to see us, you know, Trim up a little bit. We looked a little fat this year in my opinion. Um and also understand. The little idiosyncrasies about playing online. Like I said, before, when I'm still watching us getting beat on Teach West and Jamie and I have been talking about that since we first started to.

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