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They couldn't be in a more interesting job at an important time in our history wonderful. Well you're showing it hurt. Yeah yeah like. She just had her second cup coffee. Let's nurse. this is why we're talking. Transportation cited about more so than the we are looking forward our way. We're in studio seeing the five one one studios this brad and with as always as carol how it's more i'm good brad. Thank you today. We are covering a really different topic than we've been doing in our past podcasting but this is such a critical issue for central ohio. So i'm guessing that everyone in our audience experiences problems and difficulties in getting around their community too many cars on the road congestion construction so much wasted time and commuting even though our traffic may be a little bit lower. It's still pretty wild out there on the roads. So we're excited to welcome our guest. Thea ewing director of transportation and infrastructure development for more see which is the mid ohio regional planning commission. The thank you so much for joining us today. Well good morning carol. A good morning brad. Yes i i am excited to come in and talk to you about what we're doing in transportation planning In central ohio. Good you know. Let's go on that theme that's explore the role of more see in our community and give us some background on your experience and expertise in the transportation arena. I some More seaweed mid ohio regional planning commission really got our start and land use entrance petition. Planning over fifty years ago again. Believe of so. We are a collection of Central ohio communities that worked together like the city of columbus. The city of way hall for even delaware county are members of ours and We don't just do transportation and land use focused planning anymore we also work on advocacy for our local governments so we have a connection to the state house for them and the impacts on their communities as well as housing and weatherization for communities are members of our community who may need that had.

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