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The ESPN Chicago. Ah, Every line is lit. He calls them out. Because yesterday we were trying to talk socks. Don't get a lot of calls with the Bears. And whom every line school Well, you know, the bears drive the bus, but it right now. There's two first place baseball teams in town, the White Sox beating their rival in the first of three. It feels good as a white side span, someone who grew up 20 minutes to the ballpark. Of Comiskey Park. So happy because just like you can't stand the cardinal's I can't stand the twins. I can't stand Peronnas baby can't stand them because because they've been good for a long time Now. Hopefully this is the socks turn to be able to turn the tide here. 3123323776 Marcella is on the south side of the Great city of Chicago, Marcela. Good morning. Good morning. Are you doing I'm doing good. I love you Hooding. I love you Always listen to you in the evening and that you were capped The diehards show fans are the best. Thank you. So I'm calling it for three reasons. One I love Jose of radio. I think that he is definitely EVP for this year. Some of those votes that he's been digging out. Tim Anderson has been a little bit inconsistent has been tremendous, and there's no way we don't win has been against we do if we didn't have a very My second thing that I would like to point out is that I love the addition of a young scientist back to the team because I think he brings a little bit more fun. Plus, he's outstanding in the field for so many different positions in a way that is a very, very astute observation, like sometimes the smallest move that you make Jarrod Dyson. Speed Yammer Sanchez glove. Those were the bag is not necessarily about the number one or number five guy cap. Sometimes about the guy at the end of the bench, they could do intangibles for you. Yo, Mercan do that for the member Cody Ross. He was M B B of the World Series when they got a Maryland who Then he beast it out. Always a little glum. It's the little things right? Correct that third and final point, But I guess you know, we're gonna let you go because I gotta go to work and not to 94 Final point in. He's as finally are talking about the White Sox in the morning. You gave us a team that we could talk about. You know, I've been talking about forever, Marcela. But you never know. And we're here for unity. We're talking about now. There you go. Have a great day, Marcello. You guys, too, By the way, one of the unity tattoo. I think I'll be on my next week. Good about not at that. Really cinch is up for the show. Just was sidebar to what she's talking about. With the Bre U. I thought at the time there was he's a free agent. I said, you know, the socks should sign them. People thought a long in the tooth. Really a D. H in the future. He's this generation's Kaneko. He means that much to the white side. It does so at first base, maybe his future's of D H at some point down the line, but he is, I think that glue to the White Sox on so I'm glad he's still with the team glad the stock signed him back to the phones. John's on the north side of the city. Hey, John. I can't I already What's up, brother? I'm loving you guys appreciate the way this has been a sax dance since the early fifties, and I've been an usher there for 15 years now and I am so excited with these guys. My favorite player in my whole life was Willie Mays. And right now I see Luis Robert Right there with him. I mean, the little things he does like the catch in the outfield, the spin around turn throat of the basis the way he could hit in clutch positions. He has the entire game. So excited that he's with us and at least for 45 years. It's just the best thing. This is great. It's a lot of fun, man. And you're talking to a cubs fan here. I've never hidden that. But I've tried to bring this unity. Thought I'm having a lot of fun watching the whites and so and so am I. Because this has been a long time coming. John still will beat your ass when the Cubs play you got tell you what I've been ushered regally for 18 years, too, so I grew to like them, too. Don't get me wrong. They were exciting. But if the dial's turned its turned right now, so kept You will be with us in a short time. Trust me. Well, I'm cheering for you. I was on the phone, my brother. And thanks for the call My brother last night. I was like, Yeah, I saw your true colors during the serious when we beat you And I said, Yeah. Cause I bleed Cubbie Blue. I'm a die hard, but this team, this white sacks team. I enjoy a lot. I do, too, because of the infusion of young talent, and by the way, Welcome to the season. Mazzara, a couple of clutch hits. Here's a guy here they went to for three yesterday with run couple RV eyes, Mazar is really again. We tell our gravy right when he was signed, I thought, you know this will be decent. He's not going to be what a lawyer brings. That would Tim Anderson brings that's fine. But as good for him to be able come through last night against the Twins were happy about that ESPN dot com Moments ago released the MLB power rankings Now you'll be happy to know that both our teams in this town are in the top 10. Do you think the socks or the Cubs are ranked higher socks should be dropped. The socks should be ranked higher than the Cubs. Currently, the Cubs are ranked seventh in your white socks are ranked eight. All right. Get to the phone lines. We go should been breaking news, but rideshare rob, but you want to sound er big, Good, right? It's breaking news. But it is insulting. You ever watch the news? Everything's breaking. That is true. But I'm not gonna lie. The thought did cross my mind, but I don't want to be a little loose with that. But if it's funny that it is Then it loses. When you actually hear it. Then it loses its. Yeah. You got something developing story? Corona virus? Yeah, it's been developing for eight months. Listen, if we want Teo set established that The breaking news coming in any time Thiss is breaking news on Chicago's home for Sports. Yes, 1000 cubs have been ranked higher in the power.

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