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And 4 up to five inches in some areas will reach the mid twenties then fall back into the teens otherwise mostly cloudy and breezy today winds gusting 10 to 20 miles an hour tomorrow tuesday mostly cloudy highs in the mid teens chance of snow showers tomorrow near the lake but mostly stays in northwest indiana like snowfall at o'hare it's nineteen degrees at the airport it feels like six above with wind chill factor nineteen degrees downtown come on in the wtn newsroom he joined the conversation live whenever story changes on chicago's very own 720wgn our at our at our oh man your body beer with our on top of us lived through me oh okay open after his way hello however chris trough of amazing all right all right all right good morning everybody how are unique to julia here on 720wgn were live and the all state studio on the 7th floor trip tower and we are here until five a m it's monday morning that means my dad will call and tell a joke is it's a jokey jokey jokey time we have a very upsetting and terrible blackhawks expressed to play a little bit later on but this morning special warning it is that annual tradition eric children's and colin suitor will be live in studio with me and we will go through the entire year of movies for 2017 we will unveil our top 20 best movies of the year and are fifteen worst movies of the year and i believe our subcategories will be a special pod cast only edition so that we can give to all of the details about their favorite movies of the year but it's always a lotta fun eric in college we'll be here live in studio and we will unveil the best and the worst movies of 2017 and discuss in indepth talk about why we love them so much and so each of us will have a list of the 20 best moves a 2017 we'll go through that talk about it and it's always blast when they're down here so that's the special stuff that's happening on the show this morning 31 too 811700 his phone number for talk and.

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