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Behind me. What did you? In the box. Mazes. Although convenient, you know, guys, so good. You know, I mean, this is how bad you want. And I want Rover. He wants you real bad. And he got it Francis after beating Kevin and as Anderson chop football headline Harry Kane will be out till March because of that injury picked up at the weekend. And in the NBA, the Golden State Warriors of set a new record fifty one points in the first quarter in a thrashing of the Denver Nuggets. Matthew, thank you. Now. The former president of the Ivory Coast. Your embargo has been acquitted of war crimes by the international criminal court in the Hague. He was arrested in two thousand eleven and accused of crimes against humanity and other offenses, including ordering murder and gang rape committed during violence following speeches elections the previous year missed about boat refused to hand over power to the current president. Donna some water after about three thousand people sorry are believed to have died in the aftermath and half a million were displaced by. The court in the Hague found that the prosecution had failed to provide sufficient proof. Jennifer Nowy was one of Mr. Bob BOS defense lawyers. So how did had time to react to the acquittal? He was very happy that we got this result. It is important for him that we went through the traditional process from the start his first appearance at the IC in two thousand eleven here already said, so so the decision of acquittal today, it's taken by the judges of the international criminal court is to the mind of president Manuel us the defense team a victory for Justice and president by has always said he wanted to the truth to emerge through a traditional process. There is no case against president concerning any kind of prime against humanity. The judges decided that the prosecution did not have the case. Meaning that he did not have enough evidence to prove that there has been a crime against humanity in Iran. Coast that president by would be responsible in any way. We have said since the beginning of the case that have been a lot of victims due to a conflict. And that's what the judge has also clearly stated and the summary of the decision. Don't forget that the ICC's complimentary courts Justice in Ivory Coast is actually ongoing. I think international criminal Justice should not take away to focus on Justice. That's been served in a country itself because it is that country that needs to rebuild itself after a war situation. One of mister bug goes defense, lawyers Jennifer Rita now, Doug Bo has also been has been in custody for more than seven years are reported. Valerie Boni told Newsday what the mood was like in Mr. bag bows party headquarters. Very very you could see people show a team down seeing some of the cry for egging themselves. It's a very joyful. Well, very happy. And it's almost like we'll see about it was a big relief of of say that eastbound welcome biking because it's this advice. Mom that a true national reconciliation can began. Express themselves to a lot of emotion saying that it's only Justice for as long because he was acquitted. She says she know what is it to be a prison out because she was preaching also civil years before. And she says what teen choice bumped to come back home. Humpbacked ways. The next day is just to twentieth place on by the Justice. So if she wants to took us election it can't be allowed because he's already calmed down. And if any he come back in because perhaps you will. We'll send him to jail reps notes, and nobody knows and combat from Novak book can be a threat was put on Twitter. So he's already tension is a country that can bring more tensions ten years or fifteen years ago. Got three people will. And. All be married together, the old DeVos from each of L, and nobody seems to be ready to marry again, the FBI found I think thinking can can be more tension for the country. That's the BBC's. Valerie bonita..

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