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Up on KCBS. Schaeffer in San Jose Santa. Clara county supervisors focus on preventing wage theft we wanna see obviously savory end in San Jose Onto. Sports now with Caroline burns average Cisco giants, pick up their fourth straight win and their second straight shut out of the Arizona Diamondbacks pinch hitter Gorky. Hernandez drove in the games loan run sending Stephen Duggar home with a single to left field in the bottom of the ninth for the giants one to nothing win the giants Madison Bumgarner and the d backs clay buckled each pitched seven scoreless. Innings Arizona's now in a tie with Colorado on top of the NFL west giants are. Six games. Back Madison Bumgarner on a possible playoff run all we can do nows just kinda put her head down, and try to win today come in we're gonna. Do everything we, can do to win that game We're not gonna look behind and not. Gonna look ahead and I'm going to stay focused on that day and then we'll see we're at the end of it it's no secret a lot of stuff, out and a lot of stuff has the only thing we. Can control, this, is, like I said put her head down try to win. The game they were, playing from NBC sports bay area giants could get within five with a win over Arizona in today's series finale in. Houston Nick MARTINI had tiebreaking double in the, ninth inning as the Oakland A's beat the Astros four to three last night Oakland is now one and. A half games back of Houston in the AL west a win today would put them just half a game back Trevor k. hill on the mound to face the Astros Dallas kaikal to tennis among those winning first round matches at the US. Open yesterday or Roger Federer Novak Djokovic and young American Francis t.f all on the women's. Side Madison. Keys Caroline Wozniacki and Eugenie Bouchard advanced while CoCo Vandeweghe double-faulted Twelve times on..

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