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Happens the february day i visited kevin hassett in washington dc turned out to be a sunny and warm as philadelphia had been gray and cold has it works in the eisenhower executive office building next door to the white house and into has its quite grand office he was wearing a cardigan that might best be described as a funkier especially the number beautiful about the number twenty nine has it was a bit bleary eyed is this was the day before the publication of an important book there's two things really coming out in one book it's the economic reported the president which is a letter written by president trump or president whoever in the past the lays out his vision for how the economy's doing and how we could do better if we were to pursue his policies and then there's the annual report to the council economic advisers which is for us i guess eight chapters that are substantive and go into what we know about say infrastructure investment or tax reform the trump white house the most volatile end unusual white house in many generations was relatively stable when i visited this was a few weeks before the departure of gary cohn head of the national economic council reportedly over his objection to new tariffs on steel and lumina m and those tariffs it turned out were just the beginning this was also before secretary of state rex tillerson was let go kevin hassett for his part says he never had any designs and actually working in government i became interested in doing campaigns but not governing because i didn't feel like i have the patience to for government work let's go back to the two thousand sixteen election when candidate trump was.

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