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I'm neyla Leon. Here's our top story. The Phoenix police department is about two thousand steps closer to their goal of transparency. The Phoenix city council just approved five million dollars for two thousand new acts on body cameras fiscal and this commitment of being transparent chart community v. Necks police chief Jerry Williams calls the seven to one city council vote huge all this after a record year in officer involved shootings. Retired Phoenix police sergeant Darren research doesn't believe the cameras will stop the shootings. The impact won't be preventative is going to be reflective Ali vetnar, KTAR news and new Bill could help prepare high schoolers when entering into the real world. You also have to learn a little bit about how you balance your checkbook what it means to carry debt. You know, the simple basic skills that people need to survive in the real world. See treasurer Kimberly says the Bill would require high schools to teach financial literacy class before they graduate. The Bill passed. The Senate Tuesday and will now head to the house of representatives. The man who is facing charges for the death of a pregnant lift driver pled not guilty today. In court police believe twenty year olds Phoebe and ordered the car service with the intention of stealing the car that they're nine year old woman died at the hospital. Police say Duda Duda. So admitted to stabbing her and Arizona's Special Olympics team has resumed receiving a very special honor the valley based unified coed basketball team has been selected to represent the US and Abu Dhabi in the Special Olympics world games this year. The team includes able bodied and disabled players a mother son duo and is coached by distant Phoenix police chief Mary Roberts now. Let's get a check on traffic. Here's really hard push with the valley Chevy dealers traffic center. Well, we're still dealing with some problems this evening on your roadways. Luke three or three northbound at what our you got an accident reported there watch for a crash nineteenth avenue at union hills..

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