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Okay as masai what the fuck i mean i got daddy's among all different i know but like you know i've got i've got like seven porn stars that are constantly rotation that i watch but like there'll be like a week where it's like heavily you know yeah added i am currently on an mussons of anarchy daddy status okay so it's jax is chad amini watch um did we watch king arthur together yeah witted anyway i would i thought that maybe was criminally underwriter thought was pretty good daddy now at garrett she tries try me bodies leaded fuel at guerrucci fire graham well ever you thought this will take fair but it's already been fifteen minutes as i feel like an eternity was that relative to a fucking told you she's been bitching for like okay first off our savalainen today southern mission all day although i know but all day i was like hamill need you do this and she's like undergone fucking data i don't know what to say and i was like just i haven't really talk to you and towed eissa what would just do their own here and she had been set gore reality tv show and it's like the car dashing ends when they're like hold all your information in and then when we film me that's when you add gleich you found something now yes it is it is a cliff for none of this was fake yeah no this is hardly real girl whom we could it on it but any was a well you wanna give us askew get out of here scared to that was perfect i love you and it our guest this week on the podcast is the very talented john break is john break as an american producer director and television personality in the cofounder of base productions i production company that specializes in creating reality television programs for channel such a spot national geographic in espn like me you recognize him from sports science which is that supercoach show that breaks down all the ways in which our favorite athletes are literally define goddamn physics when they do cool she my favorite was bubble watson unity go check that out was awesome john break as as well as dudes that is just immediately impressive.

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