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John Phillips and Gillian Barbary warnings six to ten seven ninety day ABC and so the ninety search continues on this lovely Friday opens a lovely Friday for everybody we gonna talk about tough stuff but it's part of living is part of figuring this out part of the in pain and in the community here were we we have to share and work together to make life better as as as by the way is divided as we are and speaking of divided Rudy guiliani is reportedly under federal investigation for possible campaign finance and lobbying violations Roger stone convicted and boy was he convicted a jury all seven counts like seal later president is swam in the conviction meanwhile it's his department of justice that went after and convicted Roger stone and I'm I think with this one if he gives a a pardon there's gonna be a lot and know a lot of noises we'll talk about that in a minute I do want to talk about a few from Bessemer ambassador Ivanovic's testimony today and the president was going after tweeting a and I wonder I wonder what you feel about that at all because I don't think that's a partisan thing I'm I'm one of I think she got sympathy from both sides if you watched it because guess what she's a thirty three year career politician and he has every right to fire somebody is every right to do that but when you're the president on state you're that powerful and your Slammin this woman and cutting up his family his friends she has business associates has to go to the store she has to go shopping she's alive if you truly did thirty three years of service for Republicans and Democrats and did a good job which is why she even said it I can understand his audible place me but why would you why would you attack me a so maybe you can explain because I'm I'm a bit baffled via why he had to do that it didn't there's no upside and I gotta tell you if you're the spin guys in the White House you reach your shorts because you're gone no no no no we're playing that he's the victim and he's getting attacked that's the narrative and he's attacking this woman out of central casting who's the only thing she wasn't doing was donating a kidney knitting a sweater for somebody who who you know has has no money and needs mittens so she was there she's very believable again what do you think you should be paid for this not as impeachable offenses are impeachable offense the Democrats are morons regardless I saw her I watch that you know because I watch everything my wife because he can come out of the bedroom ever with the TV in the thing though never coming out but one swimmer what's the upside for that didn't didn't need to do it it looks bad remember hello Maloney's gotta anti bullying campaign going on there I get it politically for spin when you do stuff I don't get why you do it there it just it seemed it was mean spirited was not up so there's no upside for that let's put it that way as far as does money so eight hundred two two two five two two two if you want to participate in the conversation we'll go into some of the legal ramifications of the stuff that I just spoke up and we'll be back right after the news Sam seven ninety KABC seven million date any K. A. B. C. news live local six.

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