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This is the most obvious pick for this category. Mooney and the bears. Yeah. He's another one in the branding cook zone. I can't think of a single other bears fantasy person I would want. Including QB. Moody's stats last year. First of all, he played every game. 80 one catches 1055 yards. Four TDs and he's the only receiver that I can even name on the bears this year. I'm sure they have other people that are going to play the position I just can't think of any, just like somebody's got to get to 12 hundred yards. The other bears are sealed cast off from other teams that where they couldn't crack the top 5. Like Nikhil Harry, obviously the Patriots receivers couldn't crack their ankles. Yeah, I promise he's not cutting into Mooney's moony stats. This happened, I think it was on your podcast. One of the episodes you guys were talking about Brandon cooks, all the years in a row. He's had a thousand yards. And I was just like, what? Brandon cooks out of that. Like I just had no idea. I could do that. So Brandon cooks, so three players in the NFL have had a thousand yards in 6 of the last 7 seasons. That's insane. 6 O 7. Travis Kelce, Mike Evans, and Brandon cooks. Like four different teams. And he'll probably do it again this year. So I think Mooney is I think he's the brand. I got a good staff for you for Mooney. Yeah. He had a 26% target rate last year. 6th the one receivers. 6th. And that was with Allen Robinson on the offense with him. That's like a 40% target rate in this hospital. Oh my God. That's a good one. Next category. Craig lead us off with the sorry that's way too rich for my blood guy. Derek Henry. Yeah. I'm good. I'm not paying. Can we just sweep the board? 'cause I think that's our number one, right? I'm not paying full price for a pickup truck with 200,000 miles on it. And a broken wow. Tractor seat. I'd rather be wrong and he just is good every year than the one year I get him and he breaks down on me. That can't be me. Well, that Jones fracture is brutal. Was it awesome in the playoff game? Times are gonna be worse. One of the reasons they lost, they have no receivers at all. So you can load the line even more than last year. I'm with you. That's one of those as soon as that gets over 15 bucks. I think I'm out. Is that on my D&D list like McCaffrey? I can't wait for somebody to draft McCaffrey. Honestly, what would you bet your life for McCaffrey games played this year? Would you bet on ten? Your life. I feel like it's either going to be like 15 or four. And I don't know which one to pick. I think he's going to place like, I do think he's going to play like the whole freaking season.

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