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Just stick with that. That's what makes you happy blinders so much more. I heard badly pretty good. Which i had seen it but some people say it's like oh you got it. I was like i go james karen. They're like yeah but it's good. I also read the debate or the big of that. But we're all over the place. We all good this but this this is probably because like i said i love dress. I dress part. I've seen all the jurassic park Come out i did too. I haven't seen jurassic world at anything. After that i kept up with out of some weird like obligation to see if they could possibly have a different plot and feel like i should have gone to see it. But i wanna say my best friend. He went without me. I can tell you really attached to it. If that deterred you for seven or eight years you remember the time someone went without you. Because i kept thinking like i'll get it. I'll get to a video would seem to really fight for it like jumanji. I can't imagine pitching this. If you're like let's watch movies and someone's like jurassic and everyone like perks up and then like world or everyone just sort of like x. Down tried to see it actually at the drive in And it was the second feature i forget. The first movie was but it started My wife and i fell asleep. So you literally slept in your car and watch so. I read a plot like i read like plot highlights until i couldn't figure out like okay so i know like some elements but we're not seen it in a i don't think any made it into our. This is up there for the most characters were ever had in a script. We'll keep it very concise. Well in you know. I think sometimes people right. It just won't have to be a lot but like in our last episode which was fielding alone. Larry clark they did nomad land characters. It's yes did Two episodes or two characters and it was almost just two people in a marriage arguing with each other which it felt like a little more Was being worked out for them personally. And they kept referring to it as their therapy session the entire time you see the opening night. The cavities movie. I have not. It's like there's a. There's it's like a play within that movie where it's just him geeta rowlett's talking and that's why i love it but like you say it's just arguing and it's real. This felt like it had nothing to do with nomad. Land like was upset about dishes is the by the president. Did a three billboards. That is no That just as they both have the person that did the writer right the same director Nomad land is khloe How i wanna say is how your last name. Who's doing the new marvel movie doing new into the director of the writer. Which that's a fascinating movie this This thing happens every time. I see a movie so we actually and i don't want to tread too much on what we talked about last week with but three billboards a movie. I'm from missouri. I did not like it at all. It was clearly written by someone. Who wasn't there wasn't from there who's good at writing. If there's there's there's bits that are good but overall it's kind of a barber and nomad land. It was a very well made movie. That was clearly a very rich person making a movie about something that they can sort of fetish is and fan and like Not in like you know in in a harmless way of a world that they didn't seem to quite understand but it looks pretty to have big sets and that's then i found out that like i don't remember which of them is feeling larry was just like. Oh you know. Her family are billionaires. And so this is like people like to make poor porn like in movies. You know what i mean. It's fun to be like. Well look but they try real hard and they do. This seattle's on is a good company and this is all anyways. That's what it felt like to me right. I always put everything to the side. It say within the first five minutes. I'd be Is this really really really be it. You know it's like it doesn't matter where it comes from no medley didn't pull me in but what it did do was. I wasn't allowed to leave my house because of pandemic so that was sort of. I was pulled in by government. Oversight just happened to watch and it was very pretty. You know the acting is good but it's just one of those movies where you're like. I don't know if it's we're making. It seem like these people are having fun being. I haven't seen it. But i if it is that director of the writer. That's a good movie. So i'm interested because i said three billboards 'cause i got a big step for some reason i do. It was one of these avant garde director. Also francis mc norman winning wards for both of those movies like back to back years. She's also a dark bit. If she sticks with it. I think she can really carve out like a career in all this i know. Yeah just give her a chance. Forgive her of famous director would bury her. That's what's happened. She could marry half of directors. She's been one of the codes like 'cause like that. She's delivered the same house with him. At savvy of. Oh boy. I bet there were some like a model. That's why she's a dark bit all right. Let's let's let's jurassic world here. We have a lot of characters and Big whoever you'd like to play whichever. I guess both wrote this together. Yeah yeah yeah. The funny thing is is like we. We just finished writing board space. so it's like biker. Already kind of like we know each other's rhythms but we're both into the same stuff and we have the same sort of like ideas. Jokes that are that are similar so it was a fun thing for us to write and Like i've obsessive disneyland. So it's kind of where. I was going with this. Okay so who who who wants to read elliott our main character elliott sadler. That's the thing it's a girl. We don't have a girl here. It's called so abed acting well. Lesser at fifteen hundred shakespeare. Right you know what. I can do l. e. but i i. I'm not gonna do depression. Because that's okay give it. You can always precede align with who is about to deliver that line. If that 'cause this is a read so if you wanna be like and then the exact says and get into it that's okay. You can make a decision. Whatever is makes most cohesive what we could do. Because i think there is over twenty parts we could probably just as we go will will cite the parts. I don't want to break up the rhythm though like a i'm happy to stage direction I could do that and also you do so. Sorry i think it'll it'll break up the flow of it if we're like okay now Who wants to do one has come to this. Podcast.

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