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Theodore, everyone I am keeping a close eye on the radar because things gotten pretty active if you live a long and west of I 95. Right now headed a Frederick County, Maryland. Much of the county under some moderate to heavy rain, A CZ wells in parts of northern loud in and just to the northwest of Gaithersburg. Out in Poolesville, seeing some moderate to heavy rainfall there, So here is the gist of this evening. Oh, and also into Lu Ray. Back along I 81. We had some storms bubble up bringing very heavy rain at this point. Nothing is to be here but we are still seeing wind gusts in some of these storms 30 to 40 miles per hour as we head through the next couple of hours in the evening. There's a chance we're going to see some scattered showers and storms through this evening in the D. C measure area. We may even see some rain overnight as this disturbance continues to pass, and then tomorrow we'll be waking up to the chance for some rainshowers, so just be prepared for wet weather overnight. Tomorrow Highs will be in the upper eighties to around 90. Your Tuesday is going to be in the upper eighties around 90 as well. By Tuesday. We should be dry and mostly sunny. You'll notice a decrease of the humidity is well Wednesday highs around 90 mostly sunny skies 92 93 inside the Beltway. And then as we head into Thursday, our storm chance returns and are humidity levels go up again with highs in the low nineties, right now in D. C. 87 degrees 86 in Gaithersburg, 80 Foreign Frederick Thanks tomorrow brought to you by new look home design right now save 50% in all roofing materials. It's for 21. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos took another swipe in Fairfax County schools for their reopening.

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