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Radio sixty six. Five and AM Tony page and a family going all the way to five forty hour and ceelo who in the warm up. Copy out Harris Allen to the house. How are you, sir? Don't pretty good. Tony how about you? Breath. Well. Yeah. It was funny. I was going to mention James harden, yet fifty seven points and shot for fifteen from three point line when they lost Orlando over the weekend. If the Duke guys. White with over ten and they were all three points. Barrett. I can't believe he was eight thirty. Wow. Eight foot thirty. One person put up third. Eight for thirty. They were thirty one. The team was thirty one for ninety from the floor while NFL Syracuse what good Lordy attorney. The coach. Nine Saturday taking me out of the game shooting anymore. And he played forty forty five minutes. Well, you're not going to be better. You putting up some minutes if you've taken thirty shots, I guess, but he also had sixteen rebounds, nine assists. So not a total loss. No you had to keep them in there. But. The four fourth seventeen for the three and eight thirty not good. What did you think of Mr. gazes is? Wookey right. It's a little strange. I have to admit. Interviewing Hillary dislike looking. I'm over here. Right. Are you gonna ask the I remember now? Have is like scary. But look this. There's nothing to say now this strange. Maybe get a commercial for like eyedrops. Maybe that's how you keep your team in line. I noticed. Don't mess with him. Right. No, I won't do it. Well, look, he's the coach. If I get out of your system is done. He's here. Now, I just have to admit that was right during my sleep time. So I did not really I am the actual live news conference. But of course, saw the pictures afterward. We can you from a deep sleep. Bette Davis is these are engaged scary than that. Well, you know, if he was yelling and screaming. You can understand that. But he's like, yeah, we're going to do good things for the is leeann. Hey, wait a minute. Now. Look, we'll see we'll see what he can do this. We'll give them a chance, you know. Hopefully. How about a back page, headlined the eyes have it. Yeah. About that. I haven't I haven't. Hills have is don't work. What else is is guy guys? He's Ethan is guy. Is wide open. Yeah. The movie eyes wide shut good movie. Yeah. Scary. Just just I mean this subsidy dude in his eyes by the head weird. We'll people yelling and screaming when there is a like that. So we live tennis. We get to watch we do down under Venus. If you were watching the first set of this match you with Venus Williams is not long for this match. Lost the first set in the tie-break won the second set tiebreak sheep's kind of cruise a four one set number three. She she grew a lotta here in the off season. Away from here along with them. I was going to be a fashion statement. Yes. Outfits kind of nice. You know, I didn't like gays tie ugly. Green tie did not notice a to take away. I don't think it's like a father's tie. Something you fought big big thick not. Green stripes. Fashioned police now. Yeah. We got to watch tennis all the next couple of weeks. We'll have some. I'm sure there's some some big batches. Still to come because we're heading into the the nighttime session now in Australia. So it like. Like like like, seven AM. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. There's no joke of it's warming up. Good. He's got to play Michael Kruger of the US. Nice. Good. We don't get me World Cup. We get stuff. That's in this about it. Pretty much. Yeah. We'll give my slide stuff the Olympic sometimes. Yes. Curling? We had that it would never go off. Now, did you mention that Mel Stottlemyre, maybe I didn't catch one of only two pitchers to have an inside the park grand slam. As the other one. You don't know the other one Hancock Gerry summers. Nineteen ten whoever. Okay. No, Gary hit a triple gas. I remember it. Yeah. Yeah. I remember see I remember that game. I was watching it on TV anchor. Gary was he couldn't hit the price of a bond with couldn't fifth couldn't hit and pepper tone was like playing softball shorts. Right behind second base. And and he hits a shot. You know, I think they had to run around the monument to go get the ball. And he still didn't score just. I think he was to shock Stoudamire spacious loaded. Nobody out I guess the infield was in they thought he was going to bunt or something. Right. And he just hit one split the outfielders in four hundred fifty feet. You know out into no-man's-land the only all the way around the old the old Yankee say does he hit that off of Bill Maher Boquet of the Red Sox? That's right. And then you become a Yankee at one point. I don't recall that. But that's certainly possible check. I know worthless. Trivia, I've never never get a chance to answer a question where I can win money and you look at that nineteen sixty four World Series pitted against Bob. Gibson, y'all three games. He lost game seven on two days rest. I would wonder if you know what he went through strain wise on his arm might have affected his entire career. Just from that that once he's not that he didn't still pitch. Well, but. Shortened his lifespan ninety three in his first full year of. Gary one twenty almost three hundred innings pitched three zero three one one inning. It was written down. Sixty five eighteen complete games to ninety two hundred ninety one innings. If you look at that objectively say well pitched eleven sees. He was a great pitcher. Well, that's probably why. Yeah. It's. Yeah. While I'm talking to the next call. I'm gonna look. Can I played through the Yankees for a minute. No, the Red Sox, but I'll I'll look into that. All right. Eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six anytime anywhere. Download radio dot com app and favorite today. And if you have electoral Google, just say play WGN, you'll be locked into the families. Kristen Farmingdale, Chris you're on the fan. Mr page. Good and two and a half hours. Like you. I am of here for you. Good for you. First off on serious note announced on our family. I my condolences on it. I mean, that's just a horrible disease to to have to fight for twenty years. I remember. Yeah. I remember him from pitching coach for the Yankees me growing up as know great team out there and talk to the pitchers, and then he was a great pitcher as well. I wanna talk about Harding. You can make the case. He's a better offensive player. And then LeBron. I mean, this guy he's this. I'm fire. I mean, the things that he does if it wasn't for his defense. I think you'll be all better all around player now. Lebron? Yeah. He. And you know, when he was like one for seventeen from three, you know, you're not going to tell them to stop shooting because you know, at some point he's going to get hot. And he's gonna hit like seven in a row, and I knew all these injuries on a team. I'm like, oh, he's he's he's gonna have like a monster game that probably almost like records that I was was this a record Gabriel points. And did he ever matched up before that? I don't think he's hit sixty. I don't think so. Yeah. And just just for Harris. Mama cat did play for the Yankees, sixty seven and. If the. Yeah. I knew the Cup of coffee at a new that. I remember I just remember for some reason can be on the team. So here's a Yankee for all of sixty seven or sixty seven with Detroit in the Yankees and in sixty eight with the Anki and a giant. So he's like one year over two years. Okay. Couple ombo. Yes. Half a Cup of coffee. The time. Yes. Hey, thanks for calling. I won't let you go. I I really would love to see it saints chief Salzer ball. I think that's gonna blow up the ratings. It's going to be fun dates get prepare for like everyone wants to. Oh my God. I want to teams rookie quarterback basically the rookie only play one game rookie quarterback going against veteran quarterback who's Brady wants their ball. And we've seen the chiefs and Rams already. We so we know what that game could be right. But if I had a you know, what I would like to save my first pick would be Saint chiefs. And then Secondly, I would like to see. Patriots. But it would it would be funny. If let's say, it's Rams patriots. And let's say the patriots beat him again any being by field goal and then Brady retires. So he would beat him his first year in the league and win by field goal now. I mean, that'd be something. I I don't want to see that. I'm tired of patriots. But I thought that all year what's Brady wins the Super Bowl? And he says, you know, what I'm done. I don't want. I don't want to keep playing. But you don't I'm gonna leave on top. And it happens to be the Rams, and it's like, wow, you're I generally beat them like what are the chances of that happening? But we'll see what the legacy of these are the patriots if they get into the Super Bowl and lose again. No, I think this now the him being the eighth consecutive year. I would kill the giants have won four. I mean, two and four years. I would kill to to see that. You know, go those championship game eight years in a row because you're any every year, and you're like are we visible every year? Instead of you know, not you know, not making the playoffs. So I didn't want to touch Brady that that. That's gotta stop. You know like Joe and Evan set today. Stop trying to put the team down. So I'll try save Neo. All they're being come back 'cause they they prove wrong every week to week two to or two. Oh, they're done every year. Stop look. They're gonna kick on this hung. She's on that team. Keep playing like that every year. Great. Yep. You're absolutely right. We we started to put the dirt on him. And he threw it back in our face as ever seven three thousand seven sixty six sixty football baseball. We come back after this. Hockey fans joined greater Fort Lauderdale for the ultimate pre-game.

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