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That's what it opened up and that's where it was. It was a plus seven earlier in the week. But it's come down to plus six and a half. But i still like them and the reason why brandon is you take a look at this number one offense which by all by standard. Is you know the top's efficiency joining a yards per play. They're fantastic on her. Best in the league Rogers is playing at a at a. You know an all star and mvp level having said that this rams defense is amazing. It's you know in terms of their their pressure. Rate having their own erin on their side right is he's he's a force to be reckoned with. Aaron donald he says he feels healthy. I'm gonna take his word for it. He's not someone that. I want to call a liar on air. He's a massive human being but he is going to fall. I even just being in. There is going to make sure that the green bay packers line is focused on him and this secondary right. It's the number one offense against the number one is Number one secondary in the nfl. Just i just take a look at that in terms of the efficiency ratings. And i'm gonna side to say that this is going to be a closer game and we've seen rogers get flustered against good defense the defenses before last year right. It was san francisco when they had a healthy defense this year. The only game that we've really seen a blemish on aaron rodgers record is against tampa bay where you went sixteen to thirty five with sooner sanctions and the packers only put up ten points. So it's not necessarily rogers in atoms. That i don't have a good game but i also wanna worried about to get to this line for green bay or citing on. That is what is the. Mvs gonna do right. What is robert talion gonna do. Those matchups aren't aren't gonna be exploitable because we know right. We know that they have some deficiencies on their second and third pass. Catchers has as sort of covered that In terms of of what is he's able to do but i just look at this as a much closer game. Three three and a half is probably where i thought the line should be but i think the defense is getting a little bit disrespected. How well they played in david yari. Being in carrying his acl and practice he's the highest paid offensive. Linemen an nfl his him. Not being in there. I think he's gonna play a big difference as well and with tyron. Smith hurt this year in backyard's all pro anyway. But i will tell you the backyard. He's been the best left tackle in football. Maybe focusing and broncos country would argue for garrett bowles even though get didn't make him does make second team all pro. What are you jump about. The is done it for for years and years and obviously plenty of folks listening to this podcast that watch the play at colorado. That have plenty of love and her bummed bummed to see him hurt. Especially at this time of the year. I was bummed. That jared bell dear former bronco ended up with covid and wasn't going to play for two different teams in two in back to back weekends in in the same playoff. Aussie whatever. this nasi playoff season. I guess is what you call it. I pulled the weather report up snow tonight. It's thirty eight and rainy there right now. In green bay's. We're taping this in the middle of the day on friday snow friday night. Low of thirty three chances..

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