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So then we go over to lure when time for the county lands dress fitting for her her wedding to drag theater which believe it can leave louie gohmert soon here i am with all my girls my bridesmaids mike every single one of them is a decade older than you would never seen these ladies before you lie fucking blue and she so competitive she's like here's my sister mike your sister is time daily i do not believe you and stop lying to me she said i think here's cagney lacey jessica fletcher and matlock all my bridesmaids girls can leader concen cobb woman you know she no i think we actually saw rene lou ancestor on the land behind the scenes special to one off that like before they were housewives we never got another one bush louisiana's zeal by the way and that's another thing i should mentioned on the live show i said lou end with the number one new york city housewife i should mentioned the other reason why is because she's the only one who ever got a one hour biography i'm on bravo for no reason chapels that really was from a reason everyone thought it was going to turn into like a special for everybody know there was just too was lou aaron in the parking lot of a penny saver live rings like random sale news a so anyway so the s it's like dress bidding um that i saw her on instagram today and she's like can you believe in everybody will you excited for the huge reveal i hope you were watching with your family and friends.

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