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Correct? We also need help from our partners giving time I got there. Now one thing that is grown is. The players are learning more about the officials and what we do. Nobody can push you say somebody on tell me what we miss now. They know they were stews of the game that we are perfectionist much like they are. So they will even say to us during the course of a game. They would you take a look at that at halftime. So during the course of the game, I will write down place for us to look at to make those halftime adjustments running back a little bit for me. All right. So right there I'm thinking dislodge on the play, but that the defendant retreats, so he he gives them some. But I saw that. Hopefully, he's just got off balance. I was on it how he was all balanced legally went for the ball. Six senior cramps. Get to set for one. JJ? They're gonna replay need is willing to for Rettig. Waffen? Flow of two point failed as we play officials confirmed the ruling of a two point field goal. Thank you very much. Red exile was to communication between fficials is definitely import black throughout the body. Again. Remember that we get a tie up like that again. Donated grabs especially during time out and just keep pace with where we are with the game. So that we stay a step ahead of them. I keep up, but we don't get to look at anything. We have it. But we keep our pregnant. We're gonna be on top and he plays anyway. The Sixers will win it tonight by a final one twenty three to one fourteen. To put in as much work and dedication as we do to this graph to time to go out there and do a great job at come off floor. We feel a great sense of pride your gang. To gang way to world. And that's the big three for us. A little inside look behind the curtain. We don't see officials. Thank you NBA for that. Do you think that the tone? The officials have been studying the last couple of weeks it's been getting across to the players and coaches, do you think it's the right tone. It's not just that piece. We have been seeing the officials be a main character a lot of these games. It's Gregg Popovich getting checked it sixty three seconds end. Obviously that whole back and forth with the warriors. It seems like they are sort of before the playoffs setting the table. Yeah. And messaging everybody. Hey, guys, simmer down. So I don't know if it's I don't know if utterly off related. Okay. But I do think it's a reaction to those types of incidents, right? There's been a lot of public complaining, you know, in the interest of transparency and responding to everyone. It's almost like when you get into if I was somebody on Twitter, right? Like doesn't really go anywhere. Just kinda escalates the situation, and I sort of feel like because there's been so much very public. Dial. Log and back and forth between players and breasts that has gotten ugly and embarrassing. Like this video is still. You know, people leave to out of the game, you know. The district to find until to play the game. Well, they maybe over weekend. It was like thank you find on anything. So like their officials have to do something. That's why I'm asking. I mean, we you don't want to walk into the PO that's why we're tying it to you. You don't wanna walk into the post? Yeah. With this level of a yeah. Ramona said if this happened in the middle the thing, we'd see the same kind of crap bag. It has nothing to do with the playoffs. Look, Kevin Rankin addicted. He called the reffed a beat A M effort, right? Like like, I'm sorry for that. There's no really well. This is the middle season. I let you go. But what the playoffs right? You're out of. He's let's that's inexcusable, and it might be worth it for Durant..

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