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Los Angeles Times is reporting the gunman. He has a white man who was dressed in black when he entered the bar and started shooting NBC news says the man is white and. They have not made his name public yet available. They have pulled a fingerprint. He was not wearing a had not had any identification on him CNN. Correspondent Jim Acosta says the White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is lying when she says that he put his hands on a young intern. During a news conference yesterday, a cost it and President Trump had a heated confrontation during the news conference. After Trump told the cost of that's enough. A female White House aide tried to grab the microphone from him. And he appeared to have brushed her arm telling her, pardon me, ma'am, but denies that. He did anything more than that the Republican assembly speaker wa-, Robin Vos says he he is open to looking at ways to limit the power of incoming democratic governor Tony Everts before he even takes office in January Bhosle reporters that a lame duck legislative session later this month or next he would consider bills that would in his words rebalance the powers of the governor. And those are the headlines. WGN sports. Sponsored by northwestern basketball. Chicago's big ten team. The bulls get down by eighteen they did rally but came up short lost to New Orleans one zero seven ninety eight twenty two for Zach LeVine. The bulls are three and night tonight. The Blackhawks host the hurricanes and the debut for new coach Jeremy Colloton our xfinity Blackhawks report hawks looking for their first win in six games. Tonight's game at seven here on WGN. We'll talk to Jeremy Colloton at eight forty this morning. The bears. Get Khalil Mack back. He's back practicing expected to play this week against the lions the NFL weekend begins tonight with Carolina at Pittsburgh Panthers. Six and to the Steelers five two and one college football. Another win for northern Illinois six in a row after thirty eight fifteen win over Toledo. The university of Maryland is fire to outlet trainers involved in treating football player, Jordan McNair who collapsed and later died following a workout early this summer. This ultimately led to the firing of the head coach at Maryland DJ Durkan last week college basketball, depaul a winner last night in their opener as they beat Bethune cookman..

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