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In Texas minor league baseball teams find themselves waiting to see if they'll have a twenty twenty season at all Round Rock express president Chris almond there is as until then they may list dell diamond as an Airbnb just to help raise money for the Pensacola Walters did it and they're they're opening up their clubhouse they put they've they've got you know you got the coach's office you got the main clubhouse you've got the manager's office Almendares they're also doubling the size of their youth baseball camps in order to help survive until they start playing baseball again president trump's border wall with Mexico has been put on the fast track in the second half of this year a bold prediction from president trump this week his administration plans to have four hundred miles of fencing complete by the end of the year karla Vargas who is the attorney for the Texas civil rights project says they're worried about eminent domain cases being rammed through the courts these are complicated cases and the government is not fully understanding and engaging and all of the complexities and everything got really isn't ball since March the government has filed twenty fourth federal cases against South Texas land owners for the border wall that's more than the previous eight months combined I Beth Myers news radio twelve hundred W. O. A. I'd our lady of the lake university plans to distribute a million dollars in federal money to its students the university received the money through the federal carers act higher education emergency relief fund every eligible full time student enrolled in spring of twenty twenty will get four hundred Bucks an eligible part time students will each get two hundred dollars the offering clued in both undergraduate and grad students university officials say they're planning a second distribution of funds this fall CVS health is testing autonomous vehicles for prescription delivery CBS is working with robotics company narrowed to test the prescription delivery in the Houston market starting next month CVS officials say there is an increased demand for prescription delivery and this will give customers more choices for quick medication access well George Strait is making a PSA reminding Texans to practice social distancing governor Greg Abbott's office released the coronavirus PSA featuring the king of country on Thursday so go along read this down to a little known to remind you of the thrilling things you can do to help defeat code nineteen straight says people need to be extra friendly as Texas opens back up by washing their hands wearing a mask and staying six feet away from others Chuck Norris will read a children's book online today at the invitation of Texas First Lady Cecilia Abbott the martial artist and actor will read the very hungry caterpillar via Facebook live W. away I news time six thirty seven traffic and weather together in just a minute but first a check of your money in the world of business this report to you by union at Corey joins us live at the Bloomberg news stuff charities doctor visit down in anticipation of president trump's response to China's push for tighter security controls on Hong Kong as some investors fear that could reignite tensions between the two countries countries coming up we're also waiting for new data on U. S. consumer spending for now the S. and P. futures are down by seven Dow futures are off just about ninety three points ascena retail the owner of and Taylor at lane Bryant says is weighing all options to try to stay in business the company's earnings and cash flow had been reduced because of the pandemic at most stores remained on lockdown because of the corona virus twenty four hour fitness is looking for a finance package to try to stay a float through a possible bankruptcy filing sources tell Dow Jones that could come within weeks right now the Dow futures are down about ninety three points live at the Bloomberg business report I made Corey on news radio twelve hundred W..

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