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Jarvis the county's road director tells news channel late the ground cannot absorb any more water everything so well if we get rain basically that rain converts directly to the elevation changes so we get six eight inches you can expect at least that much to rise he says if you've had flooding problems in the past be ready because hurricane Dorian will likely cause it to happen again the Hillsborough County school superintendent and local law enforcement teaming up to warn students about making threats Hillsborough superintendent Jeff bacon says detectives are investigating every thread taking time and resources Akins Tampa police chief Brian Dugan the Hillsborough sheriff's office and the FBI held a joint news conference to get the word out to students and anyone who uses social media to think before you post it considers threats are no joke and could lead to serious consequences Mike Stevens reporting Hillsborough County deputy fired shots after a fifteen year old boy pointed a rifle lighting the sheriff says the corporal John seal of gone to the home and branded to back up a child protective investigator after the boy became violent banging the windshield of her car with enough force to shatter the glass none of the deputies bullets hit anyone the boys suffered injuries from hitting the windshield the city of Tampa says it will raise its minimum wage for employees October first of fifteen dollars an hour mayor Jane castor says the city can ask other employers to pay workers more if it doesn't we have a rapidly growing city and that grows comes with a great deal of responsibility and we have got to lead by example so if we aren't ourselves paying that living wage how can we encourage others around us to do so with Florida's news I'm Sean Conrad are you ready to.

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