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To up to this point and others who argued that the best way to make this decision is love of the game. Which one of those do you find yourself drawn to the most which one I guess, maybe frustrates you the most when you hear someone arguing it while I if frustrate straits me when they argue that because you know, he wouldn't be playing. Oh at such a high level, he didn't love both sports and to be one of the elite to have that opportunity to play to professional sports. I mean, he would be foolish not to at least take advantage and and give himself an opportunity. I think he's a tremendous player Beck and get it done. Again. I it's a lot of things have to happen the right way for them. And you know, I'm I'm pulling for him. I really hope that he he does play both. Because as a quarterback, you know, if you think about it. He he gets drafted in the first round that four point six million that was given to him about it, the as we'll go by the wayside, and they'll make a lot of money and those first three years the becoming the quarterback and a quarterback that I can go in there and start on certain teams right now. So he plays three years. I played three years in the NFL. And I decided, hey, okay. That's enough. I was beating my body up. And I said, well, let's go play baseball. And I was. Able to do that. And I think he has the ability to do the same thing, you know, high eleven point seven million dollar signing bonus help to write that Saint Louis game. I give up football. Oh, no question. I'm gonna be honest. I wasn't really petty give up because I was just you know, I was altered in the Pro Bowl. I was just starting to take off in the NFL. But because I had a family at that time. It was just a smarter decision on jeopardy healthwise. You know, I was heck I was almost second on team in tackles. So I was really beaten up my body right behind Jessie tuggle. So you know, the two years we we will battling it out. So Brian, you know, doesn't there have to be some concern? If he tries to play both. I mean, just the timing of it. If he's on a baseball team at any point. That's good. Then a team's not going to have their starting quarterback until the end of the World Series. Or he's going to have to leave a baseball team in the middle of a World Series run to go play football. Like that just doesn't seem like it can work. Well, you gotta understand. I'm not saying right away. I'm gonna take some times worked his way to the major leagues. So you look at his first in NFL. He's gonna probably play what maybe twenty five mile league baseball games. And then go return back football camp. You know, I played thirty minor league games hit over three hundred and went and play football. So they knew I had to potential I show my potential on the baseball field, those thirty games. So they never gave up on me. And they kept giving me the opportunities. And I think he's that type of player. He has power. Yes. Speed. He can be successful at the baseball at major league baseball level. But he's it's gonna take him time to make those first three years. They're going to be important. But it gives them time to go play football two. It's about, you know, having right situation and having both teams, you know, giving him that opportunity to do that that's going to be important. Let you go one word if he has to pick one, which one should you pick in your opinion. Of course baseball longevity. Long, debbie. Thanks for the enzyme, really. Appreciate it. Sure. It's taken. Thanks so much. And. Brian Jordan of Fox Sports. Awesome stuff. We'll get back into Kylo Murray because there's more to get to on that. But we want to get into the AFC playoff picture. We're gonna do that next on Spain and Fitz. Quick update on our poll, we asked chiefs fans, and I'm sure they weren't the only ones voting whether the heartland medium has cleared the negative energy at Arrowhead stadium..

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