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Mayor of Shiloh Israel, author of the new book Trump and the Jews is also the founder and president of Shiloh Israel children's fund that was established after he and his then three year old son were wounded in a terror attack back in the day. And he's on the line to chat with us about Gaza. And everything else that's going on mayor. How are you? I'm doing good to talk to. So it's been a while. It has been a while good to talk to you. And the new book Trump and the Jews. I mean, I I for the life of me don't understand this anti-semitism attack on the president. I mean, this guy's been the biggest friend the Jews have ever had in the White House. Well, that's why I wrote the book is trumping Jews response to everyone who who who close Trump names response to everyone who who who says that he hasn't been good. So. The you know that you know, we have an expression in Israel. Is it good for the Jews? And I it's not because we're we're provincial people. And we don't care about anyone else. The reason is because where where little tiny country, and, you know, something to survive and the and the only way we can do this is by looking out for our interests, which which actually is a good thing. Even some big countries look after their interests. Well, yeah, I mean when the president says, he's a nationalist. He's looking after the United States. And then people think he's a racist for saying that absolutely absolutely. So it's totally it's a sour see. It's just a a product of Democrats who Democrats are just you know, out to get him. No matter what. And it's really unfair. I mean, these I mean, this is the guy who who move the embassy to Jerusalem had the courage to do. So nobody else had the courage to do. So he's seems the president who did away with the. American participation in the Iran nuclear deal with which would have given Iran the nuclear bomb within a few years. So President Trump has done great things to go down the whole list. I'm not going to people can read about in the book, trumpeter, juice. Let me ask you about Gaza. Because in for our listeners. Explain what's going on over there. Lots of bombs flying. What is the situation? Situation is this the the biller five hundred rockets glob that Israel from Gaza terrorist organization in the span of about forty eight hours. And there was a big cabinet meeting in which. They were planning a big military operation, Israel, really what's in there and clean out the Hornets nest from Gaza, but unfortunately, it was only the two right wing parties instead of the parties that to the right of Netanyahu. Go in with a major military operation. The the other parties, including the prime minister took a very strong stand that Israel shouldn't go in and do that. And unfortunately, I think it was a big mistake on the prime minister slot because we've we've been playing this type games attack game with with the comas for about three or four years now or even longer, and we're not going to end the rockets fired from Gaza until we go in and take away their weapons and totally decimate them like Trump's did with with ISIS. That's what need is needed. That's what's what needs to be done, and where people in Israel a very upset right now. And we'll probably be going to new elections because Netanyahu's coalition is falling apart over this. So Netanyahu did not want to go in and clean out the hornet's nest as you put it. That is absolutely true. Or at least he didn't have the courage to go ahead and clean out that doesn't sound like him though. Does it? I mean, this is this is usually write down his alley. This guy wants to do things like this or unfortunately. So it it is it does sound like him. I'm speaking of Israeli now. I was born in the United States, but I've been living initial twenty seven years and telling you that in America, everyone thinks that he is so courageous so strong because he's a he's a tremendous speaker. Speaks tough any any everyone thinks he's tough. But when it comes down to push comes to shove, he's proven time. And again that he doesn't have the coverage go in and take the bold moves that needs to be taken. Let me ask you about these two hundred HAMAs rockets were they come from Iran. Maybe. Well. Is heavily supported by Iran, and whether the the actual rockets come from Iran or not that's. That's another question. Never. They're getting them from some somebody is supplying HAMAs a terrorist organization with rockets to fire it Israel. We need to find. Iran is their biggest supporter. Okay. Let's leave it at that. Iran is clearly the biggest supporter everyone talks about the nuclear threat from Iran. But that's only one part of the Iranians direct TV the other part of the uranium is that they that they are busy supporting and aiding and supplying the various Islamic terrorist organizations in the Middle East and around the world, and is one of the biggest beneficiaries. So if you think they are going to go in though, right much to the chagrin of Netanyahu. Well. The prime minister. So that at the at the moment that we're not going in because. Because he's he's he's holding the the reins on this cabinet right now. Is defense minister Victor Lieberman is resigning. He's announced his resignation already. And as a result of Lieberman announcing the resignation so Netanyahu has to twice as if he wants the oldest coalition together. One possibility is that he takes over the position of defense minister himself in addition to being prime minister, what's nobody would like that. You know, we're we're we're not into monopolies. It's not a healthy thing. The the other possibility is that. Neftali Bennett, the ahead of one of those two right wing parties, the one that side by side with with LeBron is right wing party. He has demanded that sense. Ministry sniffing wants to keep his party in the government. And this if Netanyahu probably won't give it to him because he doesn't want to give someone who's to the right of them, the defence ministry, but if he does then that'll hold together its coalition, if he doesn't then the coalition's gonna fall, and there's going to be new Lexus within two to three months, and who do you think would be the new prime minister that point? Well, the chances are that Netanyahu could still be the prime minister yesterday understand where Israel is a parliamentary democracy. And so when we vote in elections, we don't vote for a candidate we vote for party and Netanyahu's Likud party is still the biggest party in the Knesset Israel's parliament, so so all he has to do is get the most votes his party, get the most votes in the elections. And he was still be prime minister. The question is which are the parties would do well in that election. It's the parties to the right of him. Come out stronger than than it would most likely, even if he's a minister, he would most likely be forced into doing that major operation in Gaza. If the parties to the left of him do better. Then then these very unlikely to go forward in Gaza and Israel Israel could expect to be the recipient cafaro, more rocket attacks from Gaza. So we got two hundred HAMAs rockets killed or wounded at thirteen Israelis, and nobody striking back. Well, they're pinpoint strikes as I said earlier that it's a game. Now, a massive. Let's go route these people out attack though, right? Exactly, exactly. It's kind of. It's kind of a let's do damage to them attacking system. And but but letting them remain in place and letting them remain in power. The predicaments in Israel is always well who's gonna take over if we destroy a mess. That's always the predicament. I personally don't have that predicament because my opinion is that Israel should go in and retake DASA. You know, we we we had we had twenty thousand Israel. He's living there, you know. But but they they were removed from there by the Israeli Cosmin. So that the chromosomes that, you know, the Palestinians as they call them would take over. So they took over and they on in the place where we had some five rent Israeli communities. Has set up missile launching pads. With they've been fired from which they've been firing missiles at Israel ever since. This is an attack though on Israel by Palestine, obviously. Right. So I mean, I just think. People who call themselves Palestinians concert rabbi. But yeah. But I mean, you're trying to get along and co peacefully coexist, and they're they're firing two hundred rockets at you. I mean, I would I'm just thinking of our situation if somebody were on the other side of the in the Mexican side of the border down the in in the United States, and they were firing two hundred rockets into the United States, we would go and just completely obliterate them. Of course. And that's what that's what common sense tells you that that needs to be done here as well. Sometimes leaders don't act, according to common sense. Well, it's. Netanyahu cannot cannot point to President Trump and USA medicine excuse because I can guarantee you as one who did a lot of research into President Trump in putting together my book, Trump Jews. I could tell you that Trump would would stand with Israel. If Israel will go in and do the right thing and before so we'll it remains to be seen, David Rubin. Former mayor of Shiloh Israel, author of the new book Trump and.

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