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Len Walter. Wall Street's had to pull back a little bit this morning at the open as Resident Trump moves to force China owned TIC talk into a sailor virtuous operations that that's drawing a sharp rebuke from Beijing, obviously ratcheting up tensions as the world slides into a pandemic. Pure procession Right now, the Dow future has improved, but it's still down. 41 point, same for the NASDAQ, the S and P, down 11. Friction between the world's two top economies took a back seat in the first half of the year as the covert 19 pandemic crushed global growth and an escalation now would hamper the recovery of some exporters and importers and fan fears of a deeper economic slump. With Microsoft looking to buy a short video app. Tic Tac's U. S operations. President Trump said yesterday. The U. S government should get a substantial portion of any deal price. Yesterday. State back newspaper China Daily said the country would not accept what it termed the theft of the technology company. Microsoft shares were down 1.6% ahead of the open in just a couple of moments, Portfolio manager Steven Lee of Logan Capital Management said. It'll be interesting to see of Microsoft that we'll be able to buy Tic Tac. But, he said in the short term, we are more concerned with how soon the consumer is adapting and getting back to engaging with the economy. Investors and all waiting signs of progress in 1/5 major Corona virus led bill with Congress had to resume talks today, too narrow, gaping differences. In earnings driven moves. Insurance company American International Group falling a little over 2% today after posting of 56% drop in quarterly adjusted profit take two interactive rising nearly 5%. It raised its annual adjusted sales forecast. With the business now or 23 53 also in the noon business. Our live through the CIA. Me let Walter news Radio 7 80 in 105.9 of them still big problems on the south End of the Tri state. Claire Lane tells us why Next W BB UP NEWS time. 8 25 Let's say you just bought a house. Bad news is you're.

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