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It's about comedy broadly about depot specifically. But sometimes, it really is about a joke especially when you got a joke like this weeks as our guest is New York stand up comedian Shane Torres and his joke about Guy Fieri is. At least in my opinion, one of the best of the last decade if you've not heard the joke, you might know it from Penn Oswalt on this show twice saying it is joe key. wished he wrote. Besides being so funny it it really shows the power of comedy. It was an idea where. Everyone was zigging in like describing Guy Fieri as the worst person that ever existed and Shane founded angle by zagging and be like maybe this guy's not so bad and like. Instantly, when he tells this joke, you can see an audience like. Laughing away where like they feel like they breathe for the first time like there's like Oh yeah like it's like he lifted the wool over people's eyes in a way that comedy can do and it's considered doing for like serious subjects. But you know he did it for Guy Fieri. And I knew from from the first time. I saw it seems Shane opened for Canadian in the fall two, thousand sixteen instantly when the job is finished I was like this is going to be huge. It's a feeling I don't have often i. Show I literally sent myself an emails reminder that whenever Shane releases an album to try to have vulture premiere this track and and we did is in August two, thousand seventeen. And it blew up like in a way I've seen very few jokes ever do. We wrote about people are sharing it then other people or sharing and that other people wrote about it, it was like one of migrate days as a as a comedy fan on the Internet. The version of the joke we're GONNA play was its final form as he did on Conan in in September of two thousand seventeen. Anthony Bourdain plays a role in the jokes. So I should note that this was recorded before he committed suicide. I. If some of what chain says is hard to hear just just think it's more about the idea of Anthony. Bourdain. Than the actual guy also say in case you're thinking well, everybody loves Guy Fieri as a person who was very much on the internet in two thousand seventeen I can say that was not the that this joke I, believe is the reason for the shift. So here is chain Torres. Can someone please explain to me what the Hell Guy Fieri ever did anyone? Yana who I'm talking about the celebrity chef. People Shit on that dude, all the time. And as as I can tell all he ever did was follow his dreams. You understand people are horrible to a television personality and he didn't do anything. Wrong. Here's what he did. Do America he started a company where he hires everybody he pays more than minimum wage. He gives health benefits before he has to. He has a nonprofit where he gives pretzel making machines to schools. So they can fundraise I know that one sounds like I made it up but I swear to Christ it's true. He works with Special Olympics athletes, and if you need a little more sugar with this medicine, he also officiated a gay wedding. But because he has flames on his shirt. Everybody's ships all over this dude, like he's a member of nickelback. And by the way what the hell.

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