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Roman ready show for simps- simone and actually adds a man who is in a room that has terrible internet service. I believe ladies gentlemen. Aj hawkins a do rag today. Good idea how you doing. Unbelievable today the tan. How are you gloser you. Are you pregnant. well. I guess. I'm pregnant with excitement because back on time for the pack right. Oh hey that bookcase looks a lot better full screen on that real quick and we can see what just hanging from like a curtain rod sealing tape it to the ceiling the bedroom actually my wife had. Yeah did she goes. What are you doing just flipping around. So there's a window on the other side of the camera facing me and so now yeah this what we're doing here. I'd so you're in a very nice room for that old log. Cabin ashfield had yesterday. I don't want to dive into the outskirts a little bit. But it looks like you're sitting on thousand. Maybe two thousand. I town is. It is nothing nothing of the sort. This is not exactly what we expected. Begging the best way. I got catfish from airbnb every single time. I have used it thus far it somehow. With the fish eye lens in the angles in which they can get the drone shoot photos. They are great sales people on there but the experience will be so great. You won't even remember that. Let's talk about aaron rodgers getting back into training camp with the green bay packers now. Dan orlovsky this morning said on. Espn i don't know if you've got a chance to see this. But he actually called into this show. Because i said i have to judge. Dan lonski much differently now after listening to what he said this morning. He said that this is basically all for not everything we had heard. All the reports of things happening. Nothing happened in the end. He was let down surprise. I said the guy gets control. Future in future packers. I think are now going to have a much better. Understanding of what how the the team operates. Or maybe they'll change how they operate for future packers. I think a lot happened. I am just being a guy who bought washes for aaron rogers says the internet. But i think that's real. Like i think some real good from air inside. And if you're the green bay packers obviously you got an mvp quarterback back in the building so that has to be good. This is a win win. And what you've been saying probably gonna happen all along. What are your thoughts in. Did you expect this. And how much did you know and not have to save for all this time. I don't think anyone really knew exactly what was going on. I don't think aaron had an idea exactly of what the point was going to end up. I'm sure you had an idea of what he wanted. And what he wanted to change. But i don't think the packers knew what the time line looked like. But we say it all the time like isn't that andrew brandt thing like deadlines spur activity like things happen when there's a deadline and guess what they reported camp today so we knew something had to happen. I think i'm i'm just glad they've got it figured out and they He's there on time. It wouldn't have made any sense for him to miss like three or four days or something just kind of fumble around like just get them in there now and let's see what the team looks like. Michael lombardi said great quote about that as well. He said Michael lombardi obviously was general manager. For the browns and knows bill belichick well was a host of hammered down this past season last season. And everything like that. He said that when you go to japan to do business they don't start negotiating until an hour before you have to leave for your flight back home so if you're out there for a week or whatever. The negotiations aren't going to happen until you are about in the car to go because then they know answers have to do. Just what andrew. Brandt said deadline spurs activities. That's how businesses. I did not expect it to work out for this situation. Though in to dinner lobski point with the reports. We had heard he's wanted out. He wanted gone he wanted to go to. The denver broncos allegedly at one point in somewhere else. We looked back on that now. Thinking to ourselves the only thing we really known about this entire situation as whatever the insiders have said and who knows if the insiders have been one hundred percent accurate they might have been got the general narrative right okay. This is what we're here in this. What we're thinking this will one side saying that insiders get one hundred percent correct or was there a chance that he was just taking a stand and saying you know what everything you've done to a lot of players in the past around here in the way you go about handling business. You're not gonna do it anymore if you don't change i'm not gonna fucking show up and he's an mvp. He's a guy who i think. His resume is warrants enough for him to be satisfied with what he's done. Did he always or did he ever in your eyes want to be traded. Was that the all time goal of this entire thing or did you. Do you think that this is a potential outcome that he was looking for as well. Just some things change in handled all got blown out of proportion when the accumulation of information news got dropped on draft day he ever truly wanted to be traded or wanted to play somewhere else. I'm sure he would have loved for everything to go the way that he was hoping it would maybe early in his career and like i guess at over the years it's just grown to get to where it is but i think now it is almost a win win for them because the packers ease back for year has some freedom some flexibility after the year. But i don't know about you. But i instantly started thinking af i'm the packers. Why are you guys going full screaming. You really ruined my whole take. Which is good doesn't matter. My background doesn't matter you can do. Z whatever whatever you need to but i'm on board with it decision mostly but he was the one in my ear saying hey ask him to go full screen so i appreciate both of those so they are working in a tag team back there and they are trying to get that bed on as much as possible. But what do you think you're going to say. I don't want to cut you off. But i do that all the time and i apologize for it. And that's you know kind of highly operate if the brain is someone's going to say it's gotten me into a lot of trouble in situations like this. It has happened but aaron. You know the the whole thought of the packers. Now have seventeen games an entire season to allow aaron to test things. Maybe he wants to see done. Does he wanna seat at the table for some of the cuts like. Are they going to offer that up. You're going to say. I think like the packers. Now have a chance to maybe make this thing right with aaron in a one season. Is that what you were thinking. i think. So if i'm mark murphy. If i'm judy and definitely if i'm the floor if i'm the floor i'm going up top and say hey man now we got him in now. Let's just let's do this thing right. We know how good this guy is. let's go. I'm gonna go and do everything i can on the field to win the super bowl. Get past that. Nfc chairmanship stage now. It's up to you guys. Let's figure this out and make sure that he retires a pack. That's what i would think if. I'm the floor if i'm in front office..

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