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Got thanks for hanging out the good one today. let's go to amy I with the morning corny. Let's go morning corny. How long does it take to eat a clock? How long does it take to uh eat a clock? No one really knows but it sure is time consuming due events. That was morning Gorny just by a quick. Yea who in this room thinks. Things can be haunted lunchbox. Eddie Yeah Yeah Right. I'm going to go. Yeah as well three as three. Amy Morgan between I say now so uh-huh half-and-half so you think things can be haunted. Sure yes Family in Houston says. It's being haunted by Doll Elsa from frozen even they try to throw it away at appeared in their house again on Christmas of twenty thirteen a Houston area girl was given an else at all. And everyone's going until it wasn't the doll recited phrases from the movie and saying let it go on just push a button. It's necklace for it to happen for two years into that in English but in two thousand thousand five they started alternating between Spanish and English. There wasn't a button that change those. It was just random. The families on the doll for more than six years and never changed his batteries. The the mother says the dollar originally began to speak at times too when it was off completely off the door. We're talk in December. They said we're getting rid of the Dole however despite throwing in the trash the door was found inside a bench in their living room. Who just weeks later? Also completely speaking in English and only began to speak in Spanish Asia the family to throw the doll again and it showed up in the house again now. Somebody's messing with them or do you. You really believe else's the haunted and what's so haunting must be banished along advantage only getting a little crazy with the word haunted. Yeah I just saw the headline. It was like doll is haunted. House like that's something of an all click into. Maybe the ghost is Spanish. Speaking used to live in that house help us get rid of this haunted. All they say do you have anything haunted anything connected to a spirit have Eddie No but we started hotel one time and there was a picture that I don't know either my wife or someone didn't like the picture so they put it down and then next time we win in the room it was up. That's not true. Leaning person came in and put it on. How long were you gone? And what are you going to in the hours. Like ten and three thirty minutes. Do Stop at thirty minutes I. I'll never forget that time. That was crazy lunchbox odd. Yeah the the house down the street from me and my buddy lived. There was a little kid that the ghost lived there and lock me in the clause at one time when I got up in the middle of night to go. The bathroom threw me in the closet. And it got really cold and I couldn't get out and had to bang on the door and then we would sit there and watch. TV during the day and you would see footprints on the stairs. No doubt about it. How old were you? I was like nine ten and this would have happened at your age now. I don't know the house. They sold the house and then like two months later. It's already for sale again because the the people probably saw the ghost. I'm telling you guys it is so real you got locked in the room. Locked in the closet got up in the middle of night to go the bathroom. I'm walking down the hall and I got shoved in the closet by the ghost. Did you see the got locked. In the twenty four hour fitness here goes into the he goes into the swimming laps in the pool and then they lock it all around him and he can't get out. Do we have the audio. That Ramona's still so he Gets out of the pool and all of a sudden he's like oh I can't get out of the gym. They've locked me and they shut the whole thing down while I was in this woman laps lasts. I guess I didn't walk in the poll room swimming here you. I'm sure the security footage will show. I covered every square foot of that place. I went upstairs into the offices. And all the way downstairs offices and as they're looking through the windows they are just laugh rig. They were the funniest officers ever met in. My life happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong retired. He got an instagram almost. Like I'm locked in here. And if some they came to get a funny yeah I for us not for him to get locked inside of something because usually you can always get out from the inside wet. Jim Was it. I think it was a twenty four hour fitness. So why are they locking the doors. Anyways it's twenty four hours true that about one of our Business Mike. I don't know that all twenty four hour fitnesses are twenty four hours. The dollar store a It's just like a gimmick you can work got here all day long except for between the hours. Yeah but the dollar store things can be of dollar. There could be ars time dollar store. I'm okay with mending dollars. Yeah everything's a dollar everything's dollar ish. It's it's cheap twenty four Venice is. We're open twenty four hours. Be these twenty four hours names Dan Hill. It's pretty funny pictures trapped in here. It's time for the good news. Swick Swick Bobby. Six year old boy. Who's been battling cancer for years? got a welcome back surprise when he came back to school. Did you happen to see the video now. The all of his classmates line the hallways clap and form these walking through the hallway. John Oliver Kazibwe was greeted with a standing ovation from his classmates. After his last round of Chemo students celebrate with high fives applause and cheers really was a fantastic video wonderful store. He had been in and out of school while battling cancer six years old when back in and they were just going nuts for him. He was diagnosed with cancer at age. Three recently. Had his last round of Chemo and they celebrated hard quote him. Having a time was tough but the class was just so happy to see see him. Come back is post on facebook. If you want to see it facebook dot com slash bobby bones show. It is just a wonderful wonderful video and story and and shout out to to John Oliver there. And that's what it's all about. That was telling me something good thrown. Hello I'm comedian and writer so feel Alexandra and I'm the CO host the daily Zeitgeist and WanNa be comedian miles gray and we're the host of a brand new podcast called four twenty fiance a podcast that features an elevated Beta discussion of our favorite reality show ninety day fiance and all of its various iterations. Now what is different about this podcast amongst I all the PODCASTS. That are available to you will. This podcast is fifty percent recap show fifty percent game show and one hundred percent. Delicious Messy Drama Trauma. Yeah so if you like the sound of that listen to four twenty day. Fiance on iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts uh-huh.

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