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Chance to worship at the Irwindale speedway. Chris ancarlo KFI news LA city. Attorney Mike fear has filed a lawsuit against the operators of the Weather Channel smartphone app. For defrauding users by being unclear about sharing information with third party advertisers. Here says he thinks this case could be the start of change. How tech companies gather and sell private information? And that's what I'm hoping happens here. I'm hoping this has very much the same effect as well far as well. Fargo's case did in the for the banking industry. This has the same effect in the world of technology and privacy. Fear says the lawsuit is seeking penalties up to twenty five hundred dollars for each by elation. He also wants an injunction to make operators of the app. Stop collecting and selling user location information owner IBM denies any impropriety seat. Officials say they're trying to find out if the new motor voter program tainted an election. The California secretary of state's office says it's looking into whether illegal immigrants voted in the June primary election, the DNB has admitted to making more than one hundred thousand errors in its program to register voters. The secretary of state's office says the issue was fixed before the general election in November Maryland democratic Senator Chris van Holland says all lawmakers support stronger border security, but he's. Says wasting millions of dollars on it is not the way to do it parts of the federal government shutdown and families across the country. And our tire academy are paying the price. Mr president. This is nothing to be proud of van Hollen says President Trump initially said he would assume responsibility for the shutdown now he's blaming everyone else. But himself and says leaders on both sides of the aisle need to unite to pass legislation that will help reopen the government and finally pay more than four hundred and fifty thousand federal workers.

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