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And he talked about this when we've spoken to him and he said, hey, you know, last couple of years I was so focused on being as Bryant like being this big body box out and type of guy, right? But I lost a lot of my speed. I lost a lot of my agility, I was in light on my feet. You know Nicole has a lot more potential. I see what you're saying about the who has more value to this roster right with Richard. Wilkerson's contributions on special teams. But let's talk a little bit about Wilkerson because he is another one of those players where he's had these flashes and training camp, stimulating the Keel. And you wonder if it's real or if it's this training camp stuff, right? And I that's why I brought Maurice Harris is when you kind of look at that situation. It was the first as many Camp of Marie's terrorists. This is the first couple weeks of training camp with in Wilkerson. But again, is a guy that has zero NFL production. He has one NFL game under his belt and his first year with the Patriots, a 2020, undrafted rookie very unproven player. So how much is this practice and a player that's having a couple of good practices during training camp and how much of this is they've actually found something in a few Wilkerson because it can go one or two ways, right? It can be awesome car or it could be Jacoby Myers, right? And you sort of had to figure out which one it is. Well, I think it's somewhere in between, I'm not telling you that way. When I say, I think Christian Wilkerson has been good. I'm not telling you that he's going to be there. Leading receiver in two or three years. Wait, I think Jacoby Jacoby Myers could be the Patriots. Leading receiver this year. I don't know that he'd be my first pick off. I wouldn't be totally shocked if it happened, either, right. I don't know if you disagree with that or not, but I think there's a chance. I don't know that that's your catches. The engine cover tires. Could leave the team this year, in terms of receptions, right? I don't know the Christian Wilkerson ever gets there, but.

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