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Everyone I'm David Chalian the C._N._N.. Political Director and this is the daily D._C.. Thanks so much for listening today. On the podcast Joe Biden's worldview the front runner in the Democratic presidential race took to the stage today in New York City to deliver a blistering critique of Donald Trump's positioning of America on the world stage now. This is a critique that any of the Democrats running for president can and do make but this speech serves a dual purpose for Joe Biden today a one it reinforces his desire to keep the campaign narrative of his campaign viewed through the lens of Biden versus trump. Oh that battle with Kamala Harris on that debate stage age that was some other thing. That's not what this is about. This is about Joe Biden versus Donald Trump. He wants to reinforce that as the main image in Democratic voters minds so that he keeps that huge advantage. Manage he has among Democrats as being seen as the one most equipped and most likely to defeat trump and so giving a foreign policy address not that is aimed at taking on his democratic opponents and separating operating self out from his Democratic opponents but that is instead solely focused on contracting with Donald Trump helps him reinforce that message bump secondly it does play a role in the primary as well by Joe Biden Haydn previewing his team previewing to reporters <hes> what he was going to say in building up this speech and making this sort of a focal point of his week on the campaign trail Joe Biden was also reminding Democratic primary voters his and his competitors that he has a level of experience in this realm that nobody comes close to yes. There are people field who have served in the U._S.. Military and have been in the theater of war on behalf of their their country. Yes there are people who serve in Congress and deal with these issues day in and day out in their current day jobs but there's only one person on the stage in the twenty four candidates running who was the chairman of the the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and who served as Vice President for eight years in the situation room for every major foreign policy decision that President Obama was making so given that this is also the opportunity for Joe. Abidance strut his stuff on something. He's got <hes> that the others in the Democratic primary field don't got that is an important differentiator for him as well. My question is sort of you've got. I don't know <hes> half the year left so let's say you've got twenty. Four weeks left this year. Ken Joe Biden each week. Find a way where the main thrust of his message is a on on his terms and he's not playing defense on something be that it reinforces the Biden versus trump narrative and see that it serves as a positive differentiator for him from the rest of the Democratic credit field. That's a tall order. I don't know how many weeks of messaging ideas and policy rollouts are up his sleeve to hit all of those objectives but he he was able to hit that today in New New York City. I want you to hear a little bit from the speech and get a sense of Joe Biden's critique of trump and where he thinks his presidency and his vision could move the country. Here's is Joe Biden earlier today. In New York he undermines our Democratic Alliance's while embracing dictators who who appeal to his vanity and he make no mistake about it. The world sees he's trump for what he is insincere ill informed and impulsive.

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