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Fast paced entertaining way if bill Buckley was conservatism's classical music Rush Limbaugh was it's rock and roll he avoided this stayed handle discussions and lengthy guest interviews that other news and opinion broadcasters favor and instead presented himself he was the show and his style was all these simultaneously intelligent dinner reverence insightful and your oppressively home Larry what is real gear was connection for the first time ever millions of people felt like someone in broadcasting understood their concerns their ideas understood that the myth of the fairness doctrine was that both sides were ever actually presented equally on either television or radio if things work rush wouldn't have been such an immediate phenomenal success I am equal time he responded saying it is impact was equally felt across conservatives life long political junkies were just is glued to their radios as those who would never even voted before rich and poor alike C. E. O.'s and lunch buckets if the Reagan revolution burst modern conservatism that Rush Limbaugh raised it to adulthood any almost subliminally influence the adulthood of six year old me I didn't know what I was listening to at nap time but I sure did in the wake of nine eleven when twenty year old me was glued to my radio just as closely as grandpa was glued to his for decades Rush Limbaugh was giving me a daily education just as he did for my grandpa when he first signed off I soaked up every morning not just how to see the world but how to broadcast to express myself persuasively and entertaining way to be both teacher and entertainer to be a radio listening to laughing with and learning from rush quite literally made me the man I am today I don't just my career to him I my ability to think to have the day before thanksgiving my twelve year old son Nick and I were driving around running errands and of course listening to rush we pulled into a parking lot justice rush started his annual tradition of recounting the real story of the first thanksgiving all the Nick said as I moved to turn off the car he.

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