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And support me. Brings you down back. Life's too short. And i went through divorce recently about a year ago because my partner playing one three years was a position that supporting the app as it was not right it would work rowing. I was wrong or even going in different ways and it wasn't right for us to being relationship. It wasn't supporting one another and that's true of everybody. We'll have control over that. They saw that happening my life anymore. I whatever it might be. I think people again. It all comes down to michael. Life has made a series of choices as all it is so serious choices choices based two things either love or fear. That's all there is the fear that nothing else. Everything derives lovers here. And we're responsible for how we live our lives we can play mothers for putting in spades or makarios mug me or kids. Done abused a kid. Wherever it might be a we be the ones that have to take responsibility for each step pre-tape because at the end of life when passan's your toronto and we have the life review every one of us will look back and see the choices that we make good better indifferent delivering love or fear can treat that person very loving piloted rate and encouragement or you can be hate them and and destroyed them so it's up to us parents or children they are with us. Live review of your own lives or we're going to be. There are are on test review grounding first off. Today is the first day as we've set this up. I don't have my earth thing matt here. Usually i'm literally plugged into ground during a show. What is grunt actually. I'm already hearing. You've got gardening right ground so gravity comes into just being in the moment saturday. You're being every electrical thing Device if you will Everything leads grounding Including us electrical impulses of manual impulses..

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