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Think we'll see in the film yeah? Yeah So there's Troy. Puma. McGowan Chance to catch up with him and it's cool during camp to be able to talk to. Some of these young, guys And be able to just. To feel their excitement for, it and they're starry eyed look sometimes that they get, out there with some, some of them and I remember you know with some, of these, guys that were rookies, Chris Harris, junior being with Champalimaud like. Probably had a poster up in his dorm room you know in high school to you know it's one of those things so it's interesting to see that mix of the young guys coming in with the vets and guys that they looked up to him on the other side of the glass is Anthony Rodriguez and You've been out there watching the Broncos all the way through I don't wanna talk, too much about diangelo Henderson man I definitely watch him tomorrow but Michael Spencer kind of throughout the he doesn't, think. That devante Booker is in, trouble And again I'm I'm saying the competition You know the better competition kind of raises all, boats and, book looks fine out, there but man Philip linzie Royce Freeman. And even talking to. Rice, freight premiums. Sounds like a, veteran yeah he does and you know Michael touched on the interesting narrative that's been growing like you guys have discussed in the, media in the last week or, so really since Cam started in that is that possibility, that Royce wins the outright starting job will they? Think about cutting bay with devante Booker I'm on the side where you're already the. Youngest running back group in the NFL are you going to really make it to where de ngelo Henderson is? Your leading vet in terms of service I can't. Envision that they would go that route? Now, if Freeman is that impressive then yeah you have an interesting narrative where you know. Freeman in Booker could be relatively similar why would you keep book on? This team when Lindsay offer, something, different Daniel Henderson lot of talent talented still waiting to see. If he, can translate that talent into Staying healthy and being consistent so I if Freeman. Completely wins the thing outright in the remainder of training camp and preseason? Then it's a possibility but, I, give a ten percent chance that they they don't keep Booker It's too much of a risk. To go that young and they're already extremely young sorry surprising they didn't add a veteran so, I can't imagine happening but you know. Bill must grave we heard over. And orange and blue seven sixty on kraken stout earlier today they asked him about the young. Running back room and without? Being asked about him specifically musk grave brought up Daniel Henderson and so that's an interesting point the. Henderson himself has kind of got into the minds of guys like Bill must grave Brennan the, show isn't that interesting. He he's doing something on film that we're not, saying maybe pass pro You, know. Something really really that's interesting, well we'll be watching I. Know Anthony it'll, be out there. Thanks tune in everybody thanks for watching on Facebook live to do this next time where around with you not for Rockies all access that's a lotta guys off, onsite Rockies all access coming your way. Free o'clock on Saturday we invite. You to join us in Rocky's baseball tomorrow night in this timeslot thanks to.

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