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In that kind of school appeared at the same time he then went and kind of developed his own up that was later brought by google who's ensuring apple before that actually and then he was a product manager of google for couple of years before he switched to being an ethicist and then in twenty thirteen fourteen kicked off this whole like f cortec movement and i think that i mean before we on these apple investors remember that back in january two investors that have one half billion pounds invested in apple who said yeah we think like apple should be doing a lot more to kind of like curb smartphone addiction and is just me but maybe if you don't this might seem weird but i kind of figured whatever point you invest in apple i think that they want you to buy more devices and spend more time your device maybe if you didn't as a good thing you shouldn't have invested how many tens of millions of dollars you did in apple at that point but money yeah and also it's like thing like the best the new silicon valley cliche is to bash silicon valley and to say these things about and these things about and it's like yeah they're bad but why should we trust same people to tell us what good is nutrition harris will be hey go for war that's the good thing no maybe wanna use my phone to learn language or something don't tell me like what you're of like metric of goodies and i think so much idea of what is good time has been dictated by a really small amount of people in silicon valley and this is just an extension of a great deal of money and influence to be gained by becoming a leading voice in this kind of movement so it's wrong to say that time spent on a smartphone is time badly spent so grading movement time wellstone suggests spending away from the screen that's critical from someone helped to invent an awful lot of these tools are now forcing people forcing people to spend too much time looking at screens but then to flip it.

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