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My name is Jose van and we're getting into our two of the program. Before we get on with that. Let me catch you up in like, you know, we heard those last fifteen minutes with the six o'clock hour, we're detract from loyal Lobos wrong. Album coming out soon performed last night at the alongside you LA Bamba and one son. Gotta get there early to shows people. Impressive to see opening talent. Hearts ahead of that with peculiar not the hearts from Berlin that we've been playing but of different band. This one's just spelled H R eight eight RT s and weird peculiar Oliver tree in there with alien boy and apologies to the sensors. Trying to catch that one wasn't quick enough. Back with walls, featuring cap power can be performing at five points amphitheater in Irvine also want himself a couple of Grammy's. Grammy darling back. But it's just gave us perfect. Love started out with keep Francis. And bloodlines. Listen to attract from for gas. Guests dylan. Muscle. Five. Listening. Thanks so much for joining us here on KCRW. Keep going with the track. We premiered last week from KIRO. It's called the piece of me. And it's KCRW..

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