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Versus Gore was going to happen, but we know this is gonna happen on November. 3rd President Trump has made a very clear at the debate that he'll continue to call the results fraudulent. And contest the outcome in key states, no matter how wide the margin either way. And that's going to be amplified by a massive amount of disinformation. Obviously Pennsylvania is a major focus of both parties. Post election planning. We've already talked about the number of lawyers that are already employed the number of lawsuits that have been filed Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania. Arizona, already Minnesota's secretary of state, Steve Simon. He said he fears that the president's supporters will take it upon themselves to mobilize large numbers to go to the polls as poll watchers, But he pointed out they'll be denied access because of Minnesota. They allow only one poll watcher called a challenger, only one per political party at each polling station. So, Simon said he worries that folks on the other side will feel the need to counter mobilize. So one side will mobilize. And then the other side counter mobilizes and then all hell breaks loose. So I tell you that to get to this I found this. Last week it was off a political dot com It's kind of an op ed piece, written by five different writers Couple have been on the show, Larry Diamond Hoover Institution. Lee Druckman Newamerica, Tod Lindberg Hudson Institute Nathan Kalma, Louisiana State University Lily Anna Mason University of Maryland. So it's a long piece. I'm not going to get to all of it, but I just want to throw it out there and then get your response to it. They said At the presidential debate this week, the Republican candidate voiced his concern about political violence left wing political violence. Meanwhile, the Democratic candidate likewise voiced concern about Political violence, right wing political violence. Now reading from their peace. Our biggest concern is that a disputed presidential election which we're going to have, especially if there are close contests and a few swing states. Or if one candidate denounces legitimacy, other process could generate violence and bloodshed. We're not being alarmist. There are strong grounds for concern our research, which were reporting here for the first time I already mentioned the authors. Shows a definite upswing in the past few months in the number of Americans, both Democrats and Republicans who say they think violence would in fact be justified if their side loses. The upcoming presidential election. This growing acceptance of the possibility of violence is a bipartisan movement showing that willingness of Democrats Republicans alike to possibly justify violence as a way to achieve political goals. Page two. So the question is, Would you condone violence if the other party's candidate wins the presidential election? In other words, we've always depended on the loyal opposition of the losers. Of elections to carry on a representative republic when you feel and I don't know if I'm speaking for you in particular, but some people feel left and right, that is an existential threat for the other side to win it and the republic as we know it. My life will be changed forever. If the other side wins, That's when violence becomes a riel. Motivating factor, a real possibility. Here's what they found. Among Americans who identify as Democrat or Republican one in three now believe that violence could be justified to advance their party's political goals. Are you kidding me? One and three in September, 44% of Republicans 41% of Democrats that there would be at least a little justification for violence of the other party's nominee Wednesday election Those figures are both way up from June. There's been an even larger increase in the share of both Democrats and Republicans who believe there would either be a lot or a great deal of justification for violence. The numbers are higher. Among the most ideological partisans of Democrats who identify is very liberal, 26% say sure, a great deal of justification for violence. Republicans who identify themselves is very conservative. 16% say they believe there'll be a great deal of justification for violence. This means the extremes of each party. Are 2 to 4 times more apt to see violence is justified in their party's mainstream members. Whatever mainstream members are left altogether, about one in five Americans was strong political affiliations say they are quite willing to endorse violence if the other party wins the presidency. Mother's a sea change in my life, it seems to be anyway. And it it makes me concerned makes me concerned. We depend on the loyal opposition. Of the defeated. That's how the whole thing stays together. That's how the center holds. Shall we just play listener relent right now and take David here, David, Welcome to double the answer. Go ahead. Welcome. How are you, John? The right is overlooking a major election dynamic here. They're relying on policy. They think that you know, these people on the left can be reasoned with And and they have over taken the suburban women vote with their you know, and all that all that talk about Trump's character. Now let's go away. I will use their strategy. And dumb it down a little bit and focus on Biden or Harris character. Now I'm talking to the suburban women. I think they want to support somebody because they're disporting against Trump because his character well, Biden character is far worse than anything, Trump. Said. I mean, you could go to any search engine Joel Girls videos..

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