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We give some kind of special attention to eighty seven are you just going to let them beat you single handedly from you know what i'm screaming and double eighty seven it's not a novel concept coach that makes me feel a lot better because i was watching both those games as they happen and was thinking the exact same thing and sometimes as a player you think well maybe there's some like aspect of this that i don't quite understand and that coaches know more than i do but both the especially the line one there was nothing on the line one but the gronkowski thing i thought okay maybe there's something i just don't get in terms of coverage but to hear you say that makes me feel good speaking to that coach let's you know you're a head coach and assistant in college you're never a head coach in the nfl but just in general which one did you prefer which one do you like like if you had to come back for three years in coach would you rather coach in college or the nfl wouldn't make a difference well i'd rather coach in the nfl and i'd rather be a coordinator that head coach the only difference is the head coach mitch more month okay but the head coach has all the headaches to come with with running an organization see it's turned into head coaches now are like ceo's companies so isn't just the football that you deal with you deal with everything okay you deal with owners you deal with management you deal with scouting department personnel department you deal with you deal with operations you do what field you deal with with with all the money people you deal with all them i mean you deal with all the problems that come up with the players the players themselves and then a private players families and that's not even that's even before you're dealing with problems put your own family okay as a coordinator you really run half the team and all those protests honestly do coach football and if there's a major problem within your players you they sent him down at head coach the head coach takes care of it now granted assistance coordinators do all they can solve the problems they sit theirselves but when they can't solve it anymore instead of having to be the final answer you have to pass it onto their coach so if i went back you know if i went back into coach and i did a coordinate or i'd be like an assistant head coach of offense ri could kind of be a liaison between a younger coordinator that i that i could help and the head coach what's the biggest difference between so you kind of gave me the difference between coordinator and head coach had a lot of guys say that to me is that they worked their whole life to be a head coach and then it's the least amount of football that they've done in twenty years because it's all the other stuff what about the biggest difference coach between coaching in the nfl and college football well those two big differences wanted to time well the first is the maturity level on towels you're dealing with eighteen to twenty two twenty three year old kids they coming kids review all his young men but your you know your livelihood you know your lively as being you know as counting on eighteen year olds doing the right thing and you know it's a little different than in the pros because in a pros now they they screw up you get rid of you know in college you know you're on scholarship you don't you know they screw up you know isn't like you you can't hold team you only can't show many of them you know and usually the time to do is when you first walk in the door get rid of them then so you don't have to don't have nearly the same problems as you move forward now the other thing is the time that you get to work with the players you.

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