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John's but the challenges before if I checked him in the being there before when they were hammering Bosch Alona through in the second leg. I know our have a think underestimated ho good the rest of the PS. Sheesh quotas. You know, when you think of PS g you a we go, well, it's day bound and bopping Vanni. Yeah. And you kind of disregard which is the wrong thing to do. And we short your name the capable of totally outplayed Mancha she and needed. So regardless regardless whether name Kabali plays this this teams that team to be record. That's the scary part. We can say regardless of whether it come on your name playbook. What about if both your name are on the field? And does that mean that this team can be better than what we saw today in the second half in a second half that ended up with five minutes of all lane. And all traffic. This is what was happening. This is how dominant they were. So if they can be better than this. Then of course, there are major player and discount petition to your point is wide open. And so therefore if they get on the run here, and you have in bopping you have come on possibly maybe at the end of the competition. Neymar and then you have a healthy body and Martinez will again. I'll go back to him. He was excellent today. He's reprise me. He goes. I thought this is a match of that poke where would be able to dominate on able to do. So there was a lot of things today about g that we're standing, but overall it's just I thought he was a mature performance. And at times that hasn't been the case with them in this competition, but today professional mature to nothing you guys at turn off the lights warm up the bus. Let's go home final word on your what you saw traffic tonight. Well, I thought was so United for what they are saying well on the social, but I think he's using maybe thirty in the full team plays its roasts. I think he's identified the place. It can't do for thirty four places in office this level PS. Gee, I think retain the king probably go at the semifinals. I don't think they're going to win it. I think I think defensive that we found out at the end, but others thing that don't allow that. If you're saying you've got a chance, and they they steps up tonight because in the past I've seen pierced you go away from home in the Trump is league. And I kinda shrink against the big historic clubs around Madrid's, the Basel owners, even liber- Pulitzer. They stay in the group says this year tonight they've shown they can go to a historic club and win. And I think that they will offer the confidence vote getting as away. Thank you very much..

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