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Here's Dan Patrick our two on this Tuesday Dan and the dench Dan Patrick show glad to have you on board. We've talked about the dolphins. They are tanking. Guess what they're talking about in Denver for today. It's time to face reality tank for two. That's eight column by more Kisla after hope for Bronco season. Gets lost lost in the black hole. It's time to tank. Wow okay. That didn't take long. I thought that they were going to be respectable this year but I guess s what more Kisla is saying now you. I'm not going to blame this on Joe Flacco last night and you do have drew lock as a quarterback that you have a lot a lot of high expectations for I know that they've had a hard time developing their own quarterback here but now you're going to tank for too. I think I think the Denver is a little too good attack like Miami. They're really bad and they should be able to tank a little bit easier than Denver the house. There's Marquez I advocate. The team tanked because you can't tell them not to play hard and can't tell them not to try so is he saying tray von. Miller draft picks because that would be how you tank. Let's let's see what he says. Let's see but with Wyatt is wide open. A realist can see the truth about Denver's team that would probably be better served by finishing foreign twelve this season than scratching and crawling to seven victories which would leave all the franchise quarterbacks expected to be available in the next draft out of John Elway as reach before the kick-off elway could be seen chatting up Guy Fieri on the field. Maybe Mr Diners drive. INS and dives should be given a shot at quarterbacking. The broncos Fieri can't throw a football but at least he can sling some Hash Um yeah the battle cry for the remainder of the twenty one thousand nine season tank for two. It's a little too late for that because you brought not in flacco. I'd like to find out what you have and drew lock. I know everybody thinks that to is the answer here. I Okay I mean is Jalen hurts now legitimate. NFL quarterback because the newest odds are it's too in Jalen hurts for the heisman. All all all of a sudden jalen hurts former Alabama quarterback. Is You know the one of the top two candidates. They're mclovin on down with this take because the broncos are old old. They're like an where they go and von. Miller old Chris Harris heading. How do you do this. You got to be orchestrated. The there's got to lock I know but the dolphins traded Laremy Tunsil yeah you Kiko Alonzo broncos. Don't even have a Laremy Tunsil the trade they did not have their offer to wine is often then trade von Miller. I von Miller might be a little washed up anyway. I'm sorry thirty. He didn't Sniff Derek Carr now. That's terrible. God Wash Up. He's on the downside downside right. I mean assuming he is but if you want to start tanking you gotta start tanking before this. You're absolutely right yeah. I I mean they're gonNA they're gonNA special teams defense waiter a few von Miller lapse in big games but generally aren't they in limbo like you always an. Mba shouldn't be limbo. No you don't want to be one one of those. NFL teams that as six or seven wins either WanNa have two or three or you. WanNa have eleven and they seem built for seven yeah yeah they might be just good enough to not get a good draft pick and I think that's what more kizlar saying but yards spent what a second round pick on drew lock and and you brought in flacco. I worry about other things if if I was Denver mclovin yeah offensive line and they got to replace I mean there's a lot going on there but I don't think you're ready to tank for two just because based off last night who has a better record this year Oakland Denver. That's tough tough call. They're probably GONNA be pretty. Close neck and neck there with you know six or seven wins. Maybe Oakland got that Gauntlet scheduled. We're we're going to be down on. It and it's not even GonNa be there. They might lose a few. Matt and Virginia joins US say Matt. Hey Dan. How's it going good sir. What do you have for me. Hey Hey love your show. I I'm caller six foot one two hundred and seventy pounds. Hey fritzy.

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