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Tune in to the tom harmon radio program your home for news opinion and insight right here on w cpt eight twenty where facts matter this is w cpt's art of the city we let you know what's happening in the theater music and visual arts and what you can do to get involved and support the arts in the chicago metro area coming up on friday april thirteenth from six to ten pm the yuri i can gallery at twenty one o one south halston presents like water through stone exploring race and the environment join yuri i can gallery as they welcome social movement students from the school of the art institute chicago in an exhibit exploring race and the environment using their individual experiences with the subject students are showcasing a body of work demonstrating their collective passion for art as a catalyst for social political change in relation to the environment racism colonialism and class relations while the show focuses on student work it reflects an international perspective to the lives of the students exhibit includes paintings front work sculpture as well as a film entitled the principles of disappearance also featuring spoken word performances and a live band for more information check out your e dash i dot com volkswagen on jefferson street in joliet has just received the coveted wolfsburg chris club award one of three dealers nationwide to receive this distinction recognizing volkswagen dealers who excel in customer service so that means no one sells more new vw's poor takes better care of their customers than hawk vw right now during this vile it spring sales event you can drive home in a brand new twenty eighteen vw jetta s for just ninety nine dollars per month a brand new seven passenger twenty eighteen volkswagen t guan s for just one twenty nine per month or a brand new seven passenger twenty eighteen volkswagen atlas says for only two forty nine per month all three come with a six year seventy two thousand mile warranty hawk volkswagen on jefferson street in joliet your wolfsburg chris club award winning dealership online at huc vw dot com plus tax title history thirty six one thousand five hundred was rekindled tiny jeter thirteen hundred timing offers with approved credit can.

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