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There's your There's your random bit of trivia for you to close things out here from Nashville. Okay, there you go. So right now, uh, the Titans with a good second half, but not nearly as good to match the Browns first half and it looks like Um, it's still 21 16 wasn't sure what happened in Atlanta there, but right now the Saints the Saints win it 21 16. That is the final so they have clinched a playoff berth. The Cardinals have taken a quick seven to nothing lead over the Rams will get you more on that in a moment. But first, let's check in with Bill Raby or in Green Bay, where the Packers are getting ready to host the Eagles, and it's never easy. At Lambeau Field this time of the year Bill. Already, kid. Not too bad today, actually 34 degrees and like when so calm conditions that Lambo today and shouldn't really be a factor for either team. You know, As I said, this team has been so tough at home, but it seems Aaron Rodgers also gets better and better Look, the guy's a Hall of Famer. There's no disputing that. But this time of the year, December has always been a big Packers month. Yeah, He's been fantastic in December throughout his career, but this year, he seems to have Had a renaissance of sorts. I mean, he's always been really good. Like you say you're going to Canton but He's been MVPs kinda good this year and interesting to hear them talk about why he's so much better this year. And obviously the familiarity with that. LaFleur's offense in the second year this year has helped. But He talked about it in training camp where he said he went back and looked at some film of himself from 2010. And he picked up a couple things. He wouldn't tell us what he what he was talking about. But I think this week he let us in just a little bit. He talked about the extra work that he's done with his legs to make sure his legs A strong in his footwork is as good as it's been, and we've seen him use it like a little bit more often. This year is not like you used to, for sure, but he's still very, very capable of avoiding pressure and getting those yards when he needs him. I've always thought it his footwork that sets him apart from a lot of other quarterbacks. He's got a great arm. A lot of guys do. But his footwork is fantastic. And he said he's really concentrated on it in the offseason that itself from this year inactives today any surprises. Ah, little bit. Avon Austin Inactive. Another practice picked him up. Off the free agent while during the weekend he practiced throughout, you know, Wednesday Thursday, Friday thought it might be Of able to go today, but obviously they don't think he's ready yet. Not physically. I think it's probably has to do with, you know, getting the grass by this offense, so he's not going to go today. Tyler Urban is in So that helps the Packers offense. Cory limply. Their center was placed on injured reserve earlier in the week, so Eldon Jenkins takes over its center. And Ellen Jenkins has just been unbelievably solid at every place. He's played every position on the line. Tackle guard now center and he hasn't missed a beat last week when Lindsay got hurt. He jumped in from guard to center without you know, without any incident whatsoever. He has just been super solid. And so they won't They won't miss too much with him at center today. All right, Bill. We'll touch base in just a couple of moments. Next segment after kickoff. Thanks for checking. Sounds good. Thanks. All right, Bill Rabe. You are in Green Bay, where the 83 packers take on the 37 and one eagle. Still 6.5 minutes left to Miami. But the Dolphins clinging to a 12 point lead, Let's get more from Jack Armbrister. Which interesting game Just moments ago. Brandon Island, the quarterback. Four. Cincinnati was off down for several minutes. He was a fact by shack. Lawson did not get up you when he left the field under his own power, But he went right to the locker room so we have no, we don't know what that's all about. Second half has been disastrous for Cincinnati. They haven't been able Tonto thing on the board and about eight minutes earlier, Mike Thomas laid out too keen Grant on a punt return before he caught the ball because she was called for interference with the F With the ability to catch the ball. But after that plague, tempers flared on the Cincinnati sideline, and three players were thrown out. Devante Parker Mac Collins for the Dolphins. And Shaun Williams off for Cincinnati. That puts the number of players disqualified today at five because earlier, Tyler Boyd and Saving Howard were thrown out after exchanging words and punches earlier in the first half. This has been a game where Haitian Sanders has In what Miami needed. 1923 25 48 yard field goals, the only touchdown from Miami in this game, the five yard my Kasicky touchdown reception on the first drive of the second half. Brandon Allen did hit Tyler florid. Boyd Rather Excuse me for 72 yard touchdown pass early in the first quarter to give Cincinnati early lead or at the five and five minute mark right now. 5 25 to go in the fourth quarter. Miami's on top 19 7. All right, thank you very much Jack, or increased her in Miami, Dan Arnold, catching a 59 yard pass from Cuyler Murray to give the Cardinals and early seven nothing lead. So the cards passing game which has struggled the last two games, both losses has picked up immediately. The Titans still down 41 28 30 State 38 seconds left. Ryan Tannehill, just missing on a touchdown pass or potential one. A couple of moments go the Seahawks in front of the Giants. Three Nothing Dan Bailey, missing a field goal attempt that would have wanted at the gun. Vikings and Jaguars tied at 24 now headed to overtime and again, Brown's in front of the Titans by a score of 41 28 Cults Hold off the Texans. 26 20 Raiders rally in the final seconds to beat the Jets, 31 28, the Lions and the Bears. They're six consecutive loss 34 to 30. The Saints make it nine straight 21 16. They also clinch a playoff berth. The process we're coming right back with more eye on football on CBS Sports radio. People everywhere. Want answers..

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