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Patrick Rowden the second doctor. Initially I was just going to talk about the faceless ones. An animated episode that was created using the soundtrack from the original nineteen sixties. Faceless ones episode. That episode is one of the missing episodes of doctor who the second doctor has the most missing episodes BBC in the sixties decided that most of its archives. Were probably not going to be interesting to people. So they would wipe episodes and reuse the tapes. Over the years they have been able to find some episodes that had been shipped to different studios recently. I think it was in the Middle East. They found a bunch of episodes and they're able to take the soundtracks that fans recorded for years and recent them up and use that in the episodes they clean them up they remix them a lot of these episodes. They haven't been able to find it all. And they've taken the time to animate and create whole episodes out of either parts of episodes or in the case of the faceless ones and the terror they animate the entire thing they also did for power of the DALEKS which is very important episode. That's the second doctor's first episode and I have been kind of enraptured watching these animated episodes they've also done a couple of episodes where they have only animated a few episodes that were missing like moon base which I also very much enjoyed. I haven't spent as much time with the second doctor as some of the other doctors mostly because he has a lot of missing episodes and there was kind of a carryover between episodes back. In the day you wouldn't necessarily cleanly end one story and then start another one the end of the faceless ones for instance. The hardest is missing Ben and polly to the doctor's companions at the time. Decide what this is. They're they're gonNA just go on their way and they leave the doctor. Jamie and the Doctor. Jamie go looking for the Tartus. So it continues directly on into the next episode evil of the dollar which is another missing episode fingers crossed that after fury of the deep evil of the daleks is the next episode that they animate. I really excited because there isn't an entire season of Patrick Troughton as the doctor but if they do evil of the Daleks I think that they would be able to put on a Nice Blu Ray box set containing an entire season of the second time. Patrick Troughton had a really rough job. His doctor who was a phenomenal success with William Hartnell in the title role as the doctor. Taking over from William Hartnell meant that Patrick. Troughton had to somehow take a character that people had gotten to in love and put a new spin on it and make it his own with the highest viewership figures of any show in Britain at the time. The show is getting famous from movies. Starring Peter Cushing. So that was like you know what we can do this. It doesn't have to be William Hartnell. Necessarily he's kind of thought of as the first doctor that has the regeneration power and it adds a mythos to the show and so he's bringing in a huge chunk of what's become classic doctor who mythos with him and watching him do that is very very cool and being able to watch power of the DALEKS his first episode cement after watching some William Hartnell stuff and they're very very different actors and what they bring to. The rule is so different. And you would think that maybe audiences would bulk but at the time. I think that Patrick Troughton was able to carry the show. Different Way Than William. Hartnell was his relationship with one of his stalwart companions. Jamie you can tell the really enjoyed working together. I think the audience could tell that they very much enjoyed working together and that I think really helped the show move forward now. Without Patrick Troughton there would not be doctor. Who now if that hadn't happened if they'd have just said you know what? We got some series. We're done bills not feeling. Well we gotta we gotta pack it up. Which could have happened. He could have very easily been just a hey. We had a good run packing it up but instead they they went on a limb and they tried Patrick Troughton and worked anomaly and going back to his episodes. Now and being able to view them with new eyes and have more of a continuity between episodes. It's really cool. I highly highly recommend checking out the animated episodes and more of Patrick Trout and stuff I've watched faceless ones Mac patera moon base and tomb of the Cyberman to government is one of the few intact episode and it is thought of as classic and I can see why I mean the obvious racism aside. I will not say that. These episodes are perfect but the obvious racism aside to move. The CYBERMAN is super cool. Episode. It's really fun to watch. The terror is also really cool and knowing that what happens to the macro in gridlock the tenth doctor episode. It's kind of cool to see a very different side of the macro in that. There's a lot of cyberman episodes with the second doctor. I'm right now watching the tele snap reconstruction of Wheelin space. Where one of my favorite doctor who companions Zoe is introduced so? I'm just really excited that they're doing this project. I'm really excited to rediscover the second doctor for myself. He has the most missing episodes. There's going to be a release of fury from the deep either late this year or early next year and I'm really excited about it. I was a little disappointed that the wheel in space was a tele snap reconstruction and not a full animation. I had been misled online. That there was a full animation of wheel in space that was exclusive to Brit box. That's not the case. It's a tele snap reconstruction so it's basically like listening to a radio play and having some pictures from the episode up which is pretty cool. I'm glad I get to experience. The episode and there is an abridged version of the first episode of wheel and space. That's been animated and I'll check that out. The second factor is is well worth your time to look at you can see elements borrowed by other actors playing the Doctor Matt Smith. I think you can see a lot of Smith's eleventh doctor in the second doctor and I think you can also see things that capote borrowed from the second doctor. I'm also watching Peter. Cappelli suffered looking for attributes that other actors brought to the role that I believe. Peter Cappelli purposely brought out. And I'm glad that I rediscovered the second doctor so that I can look for those attributes a little bit more again. It's not that I haven't watched everything the second actors in it's just that these episodes I've never seen before because they were lost. They weren't available so this is the first time I'm seeing some of them and it's really cool and it's really cool to have his era kind of restored I'll talk probably more about faceless ones or macro terror future episode but I just wanted to say how enraptured. Am with the second Doctor Right now. And how much fun? I'm having watching this stuff in rediscovering stuff because again he had probably the hardest job of any doctor isolation times. I've been reading some articles about covert time and how physical distancing has been causing people to feel really isolated. Some experts thought the term social distancing was not the correct term to use. The term should have been physical distancing because what we really need to do is stay physically distant from people not socially win traumatic events happen humans as a group tend to cluster together and comfort one another. But that's exactly what can't do in cove at times at least not physically. I've been reading more about how isolation can trigger people who feel anxious and epithets. I'm definitely more on. The epithet excited the anxious side. It's really interesting to see how many studies have been done about isolation people were saying that it can be as harmful as high blood pressure in some cases at just a lot of stress into our lives. And we can feel lot of loneliness especially when you don't have someone to share your life with. It's important right. Now that we go out of our way to comfort others to reach out to people to take comfort in our small circle of people that we have in our lives and take time for ourselves. We're not likely to live through something like this again. And it's important right now to reflect on who we want to be at this time and we WANNA help and who can help us so I just encourage you to give someone that phone. Call that. Maybe you haven't talked awhile. Try Zoom chat or even just send an email but reaching out is really important. Not just for yourself to try to ward off some of the things eighty and some of that apathy but also for the people that you're reaching out to one article said that just reaching out to someone and being able to say to yourself at least someone is thinking about me is a big deal so I would encourage everybody take some time to think about someone. You haven't reached out to a while. Just reach out to him in some way phone. Call email anything. You can't fill the notebook so in nineteen ninety-three they found a really cool deep space. Nine notebook with graph paper in it and as of Sunday may third. I filled that notebook with notes. About who positive and was fun to look back through it and see the notes that I have starting with episode one all the way to episode fifty one and it was just fun to read through it and see how my mission has changed a bit and to see how many episodes of watched and taking notes on to see how many of watched and take notes on that. I haven't gotten a chance to talk about yet. How many ideas that I've have also haven't gotten to do yet and it just reinvigorated me and just reminded me that. I have places that I want to take this podcast and I have People WanNA talk people. I want to find out more about and find out about the things they love and find out about what those things bring their life and so it was just really exciting. And I don't finish notebooks very much. I by many many many notebooks. The fact that this one is twenty seven years old and I just filled. It tells you about my propensity for not filling up notebooks. When I filled a notebook I had to choose which empty notebook I wanted to be my who positive notebook next and I was like a choose the blue one do I choose one or a green one. I went with the orange. One was exciting. It was exciting to feel like I had used this notebook for something that means something to me. It was exciting to see that I was able to fill an entire booklet of graph paper with notes. That are mostly about this podcast. I had a lot of fun taking these notes and just looking back like the handwriting in the notes I took. It's just nice to see how excited I was about. How excited I am about it and I look forward to do in this podcast every time I sit down and do it. It's just it's a fun thing to do. I hope to fill another notebook with notes. Just on this podcast. It's all for episode fifty two next time I'll talk about faceless ones and macro tear and dive back into my twelve doctor. Watch I've got interviews on the Reisen and lots of places left to go. I hope to see you soon. Thank you very much for listening.

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