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Crisis was managed by the way tom shaddix i'll never forget this availability after this event janet will was there with these like boots that were like yeti boots they were first and had like pom poms and everybody was raged and the patrick administration was freaking out they didn't know how to handle this thing they were uh and and i think i said earlier governed while patrick had actually been stuck in this i think for at least leg three hours he was stuck in traffic navy more and i think they thought bazin's stuck in traffic that he he was somehow going to be forgiven or something and at that certainly did not happen he was he was he dealt with a very angry and harsh media so anyway governor patrick goes in that day needing with his staff to examine how the crisis was managed right oh man this is kyle sullivan says the intensity of the storm minutes timing during the commute obviously contributed to the difficulty earth thousands of commuters yes thank you press secretary kozo oven anyone that was cotton that commute so i would feel suss treated an upset all sangkyu carl's eleven for her hearing in accepting our egged her the governor had a very long commute home through the storm himself right so there you go that's him trying to ameliorate are anger by saying that the governor was also stuck in the store so we should all really feel bad for him is the sino final didn't end of this massachusetts may department said nearly four thousand pieces are they always like to throw the number of snow removal equipment because like that means something yet no we don't care the budget hit the region as many people were beginning the afternoon commute while or equipment was already my way said masshad statement trying to cover their ass i drew for thomas murphy sevaks when for the state police said the fact that a lot of people left more girlie had to do with the congestion that is your problem rugby got everybody hitting the roads right when you got your snow followed down at a fast rate eat and you don't get enough pieces of equipment to build a clear the.

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