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Series, two seven XM eighty six and streaming on your phone in at home on Sirius XM connected devices and speakers on taking the blazers at pick them, and I don't want when we don't think I want to touch the over. So yeah, the blazers did get slapped around by the jazz a couple of times. So I I just think at some point they're going to right the ship. They got great guards. And there are. No. So we'll see. All right. You heard the Ronda Rousey walkout song. She's carried it over for minimum. Ada pro wrestling. I to talk a little bit of pro wrestling. Because like I mentioned at the beginning of the show. One of the highlights of my January was just taking in kind of being a kid again and going to a pro wrestling show, Joe five hours. Get their Joe five back five hours back. But I'll tell you what my time there was pretty fun. And it was the Royal rumble in Phoenix, Arizona. And I'll tell you what. The women stole the show to I've heard the bus that guys open shot out to David Greco and Marquette ry shot up to what you said some funny right now what I say he saw the busted guys open. I saw I listened to the busted open guys and shut out to Marquette Mary. Shot to. Taking it back. The boys. Say what tribe were you in? All right. Let's see here. Marquette Tommy dreamer. And of course, bully those guys do a great job, man. And and I catch her show from time to time, and I've heard them say women's ever made. What did they highlight wrestlemainia? I'm like these guys are nuts MAC when you got this. I know they still don't have the undertaker. But when you have that guy, and the rock install going all these people that can make these comebacks, and they do but still for sure Brock Leser. How in the hell are that women going to main event it just doesn't sound? But dude, when I saw with my own eyes, man, the women's role rumble was awesome. They kicked ass. They have a lot of stars the fans connected. And then right after that, you had Daniel Bryan defending his WWE championship. I hope I got that. Right. Geeks. Call me out as the raw champion. Yeah. He's something. He'd beat AJ styles who I know's another likable fighter. But it was like goes it. I'll steal his juggles like quintet, right? Go. They were grabbing a little bit. And we were like, okay, we get it. We're ever may guys. But the fans were like, no man like, where's the acrobats? Where's the the real slow pay, man? And then that I go. Well, I mean is there in the guy he took on? It was thin thin. Valor was named. It's only fitting Ballard dollar that wasn't so bad. You know what I mean? But it was good. Good moments. They say fit Finlay as having a great match, Brock less nervous fit Finlay, especially fit Finlay. But this one was just the and then the men's roll rumble was was fun too. But the women's was it man, and they really really really go crazy for Becky Becky, Lynch's earning. They call our Becky her and Charlotte flare are big stars. And and of course, throw in Ronda Rousey, as well, man, they they really got themselves something there. I thought the two best match ups of the nights were actually the girls. I really I really did. And my said the rumble I thought was even better. But overall. Spelt like some of the the matches were just well we're to develop than what I was used to It's having. gone in a long time. I went to go like ladders and tables and chairs, sell and blood, and they have elimination chamber now. And all that. But I didn't know it was kind of weird. But overall..

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