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But looking at this inside a capsule here if any other player than Eric berry did what did this season they'd be getting crushed? They would get beginning absolutely obliterated. Now. I know that that that doesn't change the way that people should or will feel about Eric berry. But at the same time, he is the loudest voice on that defensive side of the ball. There's no question about that. He's been the loudest voice on that side of the ball for years and years and years and years, it's not Bob Sutton. It's not anybody on the coaching staff. It's not just in Houston. He's never taken on that role. It wasn't even Derek Johnson. It was always always always. Eric berry and those players with sitting there knowing that he's medically cleared knowing that it's a pain tolerance issue knowing that he could play if he so choose chose which he admitted I know Andy Reid has said, well, we've got him on a on a snap count. We've got him. You know, make sure that he doesn't overdo things. Eric berry admitted after the Los Angeles game that he could have played the week before. But he didn't feel it in his spirit that was his post-game quote, direct quote. So if the players in that locker room are sitting there looking at the loudest voice in the locker room, the guy that is their leader, the guy that is the heart and soul on that side of the ball. And he's not feeling it. How do they feel? I know that professional athletes should be able to get up for games, but we're seeing time and time again throughout the season that they're not. And I don't think that there's that much of a stretch to look at it and say Eric berry doesn't want to be on the field that much. Right now. So why aren't those those guys aren't getting up for games because their leader in the heart of the team isn't getting up for games either. Yeah. In for me. I guess too little bit different. I think leading up to his first game. I was kind of in the same boat as everybody else that are not everybody. But you guys here that he should be back on the field. It's a pain tolerance thing. I get it that probably sucks it probably hurts incredibly bad for him. But you gotta tough enough at this point in time. We're way too far in the season for you to keep sitting out because you don't feel good enough to play if it's not a bigger risk to injure, your no, your heal, your Keeleys, whatever it may be then the game came around. And I thought he was pretty good. I thought out Eric berry defense definitely looked worse last week. I thought he played a pretty good game. He had a little bit of energy when he was in there and all these bad feelings about what he had done up. This point. Does it matter anymore you show up on the field and start to care yet sucks? So late in the season. But when you show up and start to Carrigan play the high level that kind of goes away. Unfortunately this week rolls around. After those comments about his spirit not feeling like he wanted to play. And how he feels pretty good after this game. So he's going to give it a go. We get him making a play on the very first defensive staff at the game. And then literally the only other time I saw Eric berry was congratulating player after a tackle downfield or sitting on the sideline with his helmet off. Like, I get it that part of the scheme. He was designated as our single high guy will Dan play down in the box. We had him play deep allot the Seahawks. Rarely if every threw the ball downfield down the middle of the field where he's gonna be. So you're gonna have a minimal impact on the game. At that point. That's fine. I'm okay with that. But there's some place. They were Eric berry of old would fly downhill from that position. And make a tackle. There's ten fifteen yard runs in there. And I still don't see Eric berry coming onto my screen. I have to watch a little bit closer. What is he doing on these plays?.

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