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This morning. We talked about very early this morning. Here on news radio 600 Kogo, the U. S jobless claims fell sharply to a post pandemic low of 310,000. That's some great news because our jobless claims fell by 35,000 in the week ending last week, September 4th. That's according to Labor Department just this morning. That's the lowest level of claims. Since the pandemic struck in March of 2020, So that's that's some good news. Remember, Yesterday we had the breaking news that job openings surged to a record 11 million in July. So as jobless claims fall in job openings increase That's a good news bad news story because there's plenty of demand for workers. There's more job openings and there are employed workers and getting the two matched up is going to contribute to a very strong labour market heading into 2022. So we'll see how that works out. Investors on the whole enjoyed a pretty fairly decent run this year, and now the attention is going to be on these jobs as well as inflation. And this morning markets reacting favorably, guys, Dow Jones NASDAQ s and P all in the green this morning by about 4/10 of a percent across the board, Dow Jones up 100 and 41 points 1 35,072 There s and P up 11 at 45 25 NASDAQ up 46 A parting had 3 15,033 so looking very solid on Wall Street this morning coming up here at 7 55 Guys. Apple's event is next week, and it's unveiling some new iPhones Pretty big event coming up. I'll tell you all about it just Oh, I bet they'll be cheap, too, huh? Got a few minutes. Their number one market is their number one revenue driver, So that's where they make all their money. I'm not thinking they're going to be any less expensive. Probably not buy one. Get one free. No, nothing like that. Not ever. Thank you. Silly. All right. We'll talk to you later. Police department saying Enough is enough in one part of the town Is it plans to increase patrols will tell you where and why. Plus your traffic your weather. Kogo news time. 7 27. Congratulations, Harry or given of Chula Vista. You're going to the zoo. I want to introduce you. The Thundercats Technology. Thunder. Cat Technology is a premier provider of solutions not only for government organizations but educational institutions and commercial enterprises as a leader in cybersecurity..

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