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I just you go. I started how. I'm on the bench because he was injured. But he got brian. Williams actual twins obey matters. Passed it fred who is average at best. Who's young dan james again average. Best message gone on donovan. It's just not a squad of a team that's gonna be you know anywhere in the really got few injuries and suddenly you just like a mid table side with bruna without bruno. I mean who knows what they mean. They all heavily. Reliant on mondays but i mean in the average did finish second season. They finished third and six two before that said it has been progress. I feel like we've just seen the maximum social can do with this configuration of pace. I think dr great players are really good players in that. United squad Hence why they got to the final and o'shea finished second. I just don't think social no longer the person to take this group on I mean what is social. Do he managed mold. Anini got cardiff relegated. And suddenly you're managing the team with much prestigious history in england. I mean it's not social for the job in. He is hardly going to dot. He was hardly going to turn it down but yeah his van troost totally not in sync. With what my united are and want to be I totally agree Pep guardiola being much much better place. Oh tentative life paolo universe. Can i just go back to the jim just very quickly did hint early at the story about hillary out like a tiny little town of five hundred fifty thousand people in southern spain. It means so much to them. I i'm european legend of what was his fourth plateau last night. he proved how much more tactically now st- he can be at compelled socia with a group of players on paper. I mean it can up eighteen caputo kind of a and what food reject harsh but you know scoreless betas beta tape and a few other good. I mean tories and marino cloudy quality pays but just us about get has always despise and rallo buell great some great stories about squads so good for them will mean. I mean it might not want last night. Let's face it would pale into kind of the narrative that we're kind of know what we were where villa row offline mean. Oh my god. A tiny town won a great great europa league and does them forever and these fans and everything. So that's great. And i love that side of it and that makes me feel better because of mine. I found love that us. Just just sharing the love the sharing the love just before just to end this part much late last night. We're gonna talk penalties. Let some on us. I read something today. And of look into this is what's to be expected Davi dea Has i think his career saved eleven of sixty seven penalties taken. Him which when you consider The ex g four penalties and saves seventeen percent of penalties are expected to be saved so very quickly. had eleven of sixty. seven isn't fall from way less than south down as it's the last twenty five twenty six that has been taken against him..

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